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Week 11 Predictions

Decent job last week, ‘Blogler. Well thank you. It was tough, but I just gave 110%, and you know that’s what you wanna do, give 110%. You feel good, you pick good, and I think I picked pretty good last week. Ten points to the person who can guess my paraphrased movie quote.

Last Week: 8-1
This Week 6-2
Overall: 69-18 (79.3%)


Florida at South Carolina – Spurrier could finally have a decent chance at beating his old school pretty badly. With the Gamecocks needing very little help to get back in the SEC Championship Game, they are playing for much more than the Gators. The game will be very ugly, but ‘cocks win.

South Carolina 27, Florida 21

South Carolina 17, Florida 12SUCCESS!

Kentucky at Vanderbilt – The perennial “Doormat Bowl” means a little bit more this year. With Vandy actually fielding a competitive team, they are at least doing their part to remove this embarrassing moniker, although the Wildcats are doing their best to keep it around. The Commodores could reach bowl eligibility this year and need a game like this to get there.

Vanderbilt 31, Kentucky 23

Vanderbilt 38, Kentucky 8 SUCCESS!

Tennessee at Arkansas – I had no idea the Hawgs and Vols were playing this year, and wouldn’t you know, I still don’t care.

Arkansas 34, Tennessee 14

Arkansas 49, Tennessee 7 SUCCESS!

Western Kentucky at LSU – The Tigers have to be aware of a letdown after winning the SUPER BOWL TO END ALL WORLD HUNGER. Oh bullocks, ‘Blogler, just shutup.

LSU 41, Western Kentucky 3

LSU 42, Western Kentucky 9 SUCCESS!

Louisiana Tech at Ole Miss – The Bulldogs legitimately have a chance, but the questions is do the Rebel Black Bears play out the season for the recently fired-at-the-end-of-the-season Nutt, or do they quit and let the rest of the season go in the tank? I don’t think it matters what they do, they will lose this game.

Louisiana Tech 34, Ole Miss 24

Louisiana Tech 27, Ole Miss 7 SUCCESS!

Alabama at Mississippi State – Are they still playing football in Starkville? After Saban unleashes his post-loss wrath on the Bullpups, they’ll wish they weren’t.

Alabama 38, Mississippi State 7

Alabama 24, Mississippi State 7 SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Nebraska at Penn State – Yeah, I’m not gonna touch this one other than give a score and say that I think the support from the students and players for Joe Pa will give them a win regardless of whether everyone outside of Happy Valley thinks it’s right or wrong.

Penn State 31, Nebraska 28

Nebraska 17, Penn State 14FAILURE

Oregon at Stanford – Alabama fans want Oregon to win for two reasons: 1) it would pretty much knock Stanford out of the National Championship race, giving Alabama a better shot, 2) it would put a blemish on Andrew Luck’s Heisman resume, giving Trent Richardson a better shot. Therefore, Gooooooooo Cardinal!!!!!

Stanford 38, Oregon 34

Oregon 53, Stanford 30FAILURE

**Upset Special**

Michigan State at Iowa – I know this is a pretty lackluster upset pick, but the Spartans are still ranked and Iowa is not. The game is in <looking up where Iowa plays> Iowa City, so I think the Hawkeyes will win, even though they are stupid for suing Southern Miss for using a yellow bird head on the their helmets. YOU DON’T OWN YELLOW BIRD HEADS, IOWA!

Iowa 24, Michigan State 20

Michigan State 37, Iowa 21 FAILURE

Twit-Fam Prediction

Auburn at Georgia – The Twit-Fam came out in full force today. The jokesters did as well. Highlights:

  • Georgia cheap shots- 4, Auburn cheap shots in Georgia’s eyes- 34,373,827.
  • Auburn 38, Aaron Murray’s tears 35
  • Auburn Eleventy-twelve, Georgia Negative two billion
  • Auburn All of the Tostito’s, Georgia the leftover plastic bag

Auburn 28, Georgia 23

Georgia 45, Auburn 7 FAILURE

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WEAU2010 11/11/2011 at 1:14 am

Bedazzled…? Ha if that’s the scene where he is the basketball player, great use in the ‘Blogle.

The WarBlogler 11/11/2011 at 11:35 am

Yep, you win. I will be mailing you your 10 points. But seriously, that movie is pretty good. Definitely one of Brendan Fraser’s best works, which is saying….well, nothing.


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