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Ranking the SEC After Week 1

The worst thing in the history of sports is ranking 100+ teams before a game is even played. The next worst thing in the history of sports is ranking 100+ teams before after only one game has been played. But I’m going to do it, and I’m going to do it with the information we have from actual football. We are talking about Week 1. Not what somebody on a recruiting website told you in July. FREE YOUR MINDS.


1. Alabama (1-0)

They are defending champions, they beat a team extremely incorrectly ranked without even trying. They’ll have to get knocked off by Auburn or somebody later this season.

(Last week: beat Miami 44-13)

2. Georgia (1-0)

The #DWAGS have no offense, but they beat the best opponent of any SEC team, so they get more credit.

(Last week: beat Clemson 10-3)

3. Auburn (1-0)

Most of the SEC played weak teams in week 1. Many of them struggled. Many of them trailed or barely led at halftime. Auburn dominated, and other than missed XP literally did nothing wrong. They have talent. They beat a team exactly like they should have. They are being held back in projections because people need a new coach to prove themselves first. It’s lazy.

(Last week: beat Akron 60-10)

4. Ole Miss (1-0)

The Rebels had little to no trouble with appears to be a bad, bad Louisville. They are going to score points.

(Last week: beat Louisville 43-24)

5. Texas A&M (1-0)

I don’t know why we think Texas A&M is that good. They pulled away, but it was 10-3 with Kent State at halftime.

(Last week: beat Kent State 41-10)

6. Florida (1-0)

Florida has an offense problem. The starting QB didn’t look great. The backup looked a lot better, but not to the point of making a change at this point, I guess.

(Last week: beat FAU 35-14)

7. Kentucky (1-0)

MARK STOOPS, everybody! People that are excited about Kentucky just like Mark Stoops. That’s it.

(Last week: beat UL-Monroe 45-10)

8. LSU (0-1)

Coach O had all the right pieces in 2019. Those pieces are gone and he has been exposed. Lose another and you’ll be talking with Vandy down there.

(Last week: lost to UCLA 38-27)

9. Missouri (1-0)

Central Michigan isn’t awful, so the 10-point win isn’t a bad thing for Missouri, but I still don’t trust them.

(Last week: beat Central Michigan 34-24)

10. Arkansas (1-0)

Rice led at halftime. Everybody loves Arkansas for the same reason they love Kentucky. The coach is so nice and cool and funny! They are still Arkansas.

(Last week: beat Rice 38-17)

11. Tennessee (1-0)

The only game Akron has won in two years was against Bowling Green last year, and it was a blowout. Bowling Green is bad and Tennessee didn’t pull away till the 4th quarter.

(Last week: beat Bowling Green 38-6)

12. South Carolina (1-0)

I see the score. But I still know it’s South Carolina. I know I’m breaking my rule. But I still know it’s South Carolina

(Last week: beat Eastern Illinois 46-0)

13. Mississippi State (1-0)

The Maroons had to score 21 points in the 4th quarter to take the lead and still only won because Louisiana Tech missed a game-winning field goal at the buzzer. Gonna be a tough year for the Pirate.

(Last week: beat Louisiana Tech 35-34)

14. Vanderbilt (0-1)

This deserves no words.

(Last week: lost to ETSU 23-3)

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