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Gameday Tweets – ESPN Gameday/Bye Week

You may or may not know that I was lucky(?) enough to get media passes (thanks to @MsPotts_ESPN) for the ESPN Gameday set yesterday. As you’ll see from some of the pictures, I was literally on the stage. Well, I was on a small platform connected to the stage. Let’s just say that if I wanted to throw something at Corso, it wouldn’t have taken much more than an underhanded toss.

Before/During ESPN Gameday:

  • It’s still dark outside… and I’m driving to Tuscaloosa… the things I do for you people.
  • We have arrived in Hell. First thing I see is an Auburn fan giving me a #1. We own this place.
  • Well I knew I’d be close, but… @CollegeGameDay
  • On a mission to take out the guy with the Mizzou flag. #forthegoodoftheSEC
  • EA, DP, UM: #gameday
  • LSU Who?
  • Bear Bryant is pissed at the view that he was given at @CollegeGameDay.
  • Corso is looking for something: #gameday
  • Herbstreit has a throat thing going on. #hardhittingfacts
  • Des uses an old school hard briefcase and knows all the words to “Back in Black.” #gameday
  • Anybody see the “Aubs Eat Boogers” sign? Alabama doesn’t worry about Auburn.
  • Liberty, Washington State, North Dakota, Missouri, North Carolina State all represented with signs/flags here. #gameday
  • Is that @radiofreeblake with the Mountain Brook/Hoover score sign? #gameday
  • Everybody switch it to @CollegeGameDay. God is about to be on your televisions.
  • LSU fans chanting “F U Saban.” #gameday
  • Outside Jordan-Hare West… (@ ESPN College Gameday w/ 13 others) [pic]:
  • Chizik and Lutzie got some nice boos when they can up on the screen. I wonder why they don’t like them around here… #gameday
  • Brian Wilson is today’s guest picker. From what I just heard, must watch. #gameday
  • Erin Andrews wearing her blue, Auburn blue. #gameday
  • Two LSU fans with shirts that say “Sup Big Girl, Roll Tide.” #gameday
  • Sign states “It takes less than you think to bring home a Heisman.” Trying to see if it’s Mark Ingram holding it. #gameday
  • Brian Wilson is about to make this place explode. #gameday
  • The strangest looking Gameday set ever?
  • Huge “FIRE CRAIG JAMES” sign just went up. ESPN guys are up in arms . #gameday
  • I’m outta here. Going home to prepare for the end if time. #gameday

After ESPN Gameday:

  • Forgot to mention… stage manager gave Herbstreit a roll of toilet paper before picks. Herbie looked at him stunned, “Auburn does that.”
  • I don’t know why @BeautifulBlogle hasn’t told y’all that she got to tinkle on the @CollegeGameDay bus yet.
  • It’s not every day you run into Ryan Leaf… in Tuscaloosa… just hanging around the @CollegeGameDay set.
  • Report from buddy at Bryant-Denny: “Waiting to get in the student section. Students chanting f— Auburn.” …before playing LSU.
  • Just realized that I inadvertently wore a yellow shirt today. I guess that’s my pick for tonight. #SUPERBOWLTOENDALLWORLDHUNGER
  • I saw the Tiger head in a bag inside the Gameday bus an hour before the picks, and was sworn to secrecy. It was the hardest hour of my life.
  • I took a picture of this from another angle. WE @ErinAndrews
  • I let @davidpollack47 and his short tie take a picture with me and @BeautifulBlogle today: #gameday
  • Here we go tweeps… Where were YOU at 7 pm on November 5th, 2011? The world is about to be forever changed.
  • I’m in the bathtub, wrapped in blankets, with a tin foil hat on. Is anybody out there?
  • Well, you know what they say… 1 out of 4 ain’t bad.
  • Should this really be considered a great defensive football game just because it’s 3-3 at the half? Are missed field goals great defense?
  • WE @ImALegendKiller If the first half is any indication Auburn beating MSU 3-2 a few years ago is the 2nd greatest game of the century.
  • How many of you people ended Verne’s “That man just turned 60…” with “and still acts like that?”
  • Funny that every person that labeled this the “GAME OF THE CENTURY” is now all “THIS IS JUST GOOD DEFENSE, GUYS!” Why must you defend it so?
  • Maybe “good defense” actually means “bad opposing quarterbacks.”
  • Does Arkansas beating South Carolina hurt or help Auburn’s resume? Arkansas loss looks better, South Carolina win lessened, or no change?
  • Don’t worry South Carolina, Auburn will give you back control of your own destiny next week. #thUGA
  • Guys, I am very worried that this game is going to result in our next month being filled with rematch talk. #GAMEOFTHECENTURYPARTDEUX
  • They were in uniform at Gameday at 8 am, 45 deg. WE @kennysmith Someone get the Alabama majorettes some clothes. They’re a little shiver-y.
  • Oh, the ONLY thing the SUPER BOWL TO END ALL WORLD HUNGER needs is OT.
  • That guy was crying…
  • Look, just don’t talk so much premature trash, don’t be so cocky, don’t make up history, and you won’t look so dumb when you lose.
  • The only way a rematch would have happened is if LSU had lost by a last second field goal. Alabama can’t beat them at home, so it’s off.
  • I think that’s acceptable. WE @VarnerBeast14: @WarBlogle shall we bring up the time Alabama fans continuously made fun of Tebow for crying?
  • Yep. WE @greggdoyelcbs: Furthermore, if Alabama can’t beat LSU at home, it wouldn’t deserve a shot on a neutral field. Fact.
  • I believe I am correct with this: Alabama is now 1-6 when Gameday is on campus.
  • @Culligan27 Vlog that loss.
  • Caption time… #crybammers
  • WE @The_GBrooks Nick Saban just said Bama fans were still “All In” in his postgame press conference. What happened to “Never All In?”
  • WE @KegsnEggs: A Message to a crying Alabama fan.
  • See… they never learn. (via @Kyle_Rea)
  • It’s Georgia week….
  • I don’t know what yall are talking about, the biggest news of the night is that Auburn is 2-0 in exhibition basketball games. #improvement
  • Ok, I’ll call it. Today is the very rare one-and-a-half eagle. Bama loss, Auburn not loss.
  • Bring it home. WDE! WE @LydiaTownsend @WarBlogle Me and my @AU_Soccer are playing for the SEC Championship title tomorrow! #wde
  • Remember, @AU_Soccer plays Florida in the SEC Championship Game tomorrow on ESPNU at 2:30 CT. #wareagle
  • According to the Toomer’s cam, there is nobody rolling Toomer’s right now, which is good because I didn’t want to have to beat somebody.
  • Just a reminder… @finebaum is must-listen radio on Monday.
  • Went to T-Town and didn’t even have to use my AK. I got to say it was a good day. #wareagle

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