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Gameday Tweets – Arkansas

Like last week, I spent gameday at home in my recliner, meaning there was an abundance of WiFi, meaning there was an abundance of tweets. They aren’t always Auburn-related, but I’m sure you don’t mind. Anyway, it was all fun and games until the Saban Nation had to open their mouth following Auburn’s loss. I engaged a few them. I can only take so much stupid. I truly apologize, but it will probably happen again.

  • GAMEDAY BAABBBBAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! #auburn #wareagle
  • The Arkansas media guide has a “Pronunciation Guide” for players’ names. Ohhhh, that’s how you say Maudrecus.
  • Talking Auburn-Arkansas on ESPN Gameday now. #wareagle
  • Desmond picks Arkansas to win by “at least two scores.” I always knew he was a dummy. #auburn #wareagleanyway
  • Herbstreit says Auburn’s defense “isn’t ready for what they’re going to see today.” Hair gel seepage. #wareagleanyway
  • Corso picks Arkansas to win as well, while holding a pencil and turkey leg. #auburn #wareagleanyway
  • What’s the difference between me and the Auburn football team? I just had to pay for the pork I’ll be consuming tonight. #wareagle
  • I’m confused. Do they fry stuff at the Texas fair thing?
  • As we already knew, everyone from the Gameday crew, including Blake Griffin, picked Arkansas to beat Auburn. #wareagleanyway
  • This guy just picked Arkansas. smh… #buttcheekwarning #wareagleanyway
  • Today’s SEC winners: Mississippi State, South Carolina, LSU, Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn. #idontmiss
  • That Jake Lemonier is a good player. #auburn #derp
  • Texas shouldn’t have eaten all those fried bullchips.
  • Eating a little BBQ pork and some hot bacon dip. The things I do to my arteries when Auburn plays Arkansas. #wareagleanyway
  • WE @ Flint_HolyTurf @ WarBlogle Scalping above face value is illegal in Ark.They will ticket and or arrest perpetrators, esp. at big games
  • For those in Fayetteville, I need to see some tailgating pictures. I feel like I’m in the dark. #auburn #wareagle
  • Won’t see him next week. WE @ tracywolfson John Brantley out on crutches and with a boot on. Told me he’s hoping to be back by georgia game.
  • WE @ TimMichaels_ GA Southern’s eagle didn’t land before today’s game and flew away. Need lessons from #Auburn.
  • Apparently no Auburn fans are tailgating, or Arkansas fans have kidnapped them all… or everybody hates me. #sadtweet
  • LSU website has said 7pm since the summer. WE @ thejuiceisgood Please please let Auburn/LSU be a day game.
  • Florida is playing like they know they have a 3rd-stringer playing QB. Even the defense.
  • Ohhhh, THAT’s why LSU is doing so well. They have the wind. #verne
  • Grilling a little pork tenderloin because Auburn is playing Arkansas. They are the Razorbacks, which is a type of swine. Get it?
  • I concur. WE @ ImALegendKiller @ T_WILL4REAL Great talk to the team last week! Saw clips on Auburn Football: Every Day. #keepswinging
  • He speaks of “Tiger Walk.” WE @ TonyTheAUTiger @ WarBlogle The buses did not stop at all. All we could do is yell while they drove by.
  • In my preview of today’s game, I called Arkansas an annoying little gnat. You should read it. #auburn #wareagle
  • WE @ britt_will Silly Arkansas. You can’t stop Tiger Walk. #WDE
  • Bold prediction: against LSU, Auburn will be kept in the game by Steven Clark’s punting. LSU’s offense just isn’t that good. #wareagle
  • Not really surprising… WE @ HABOTN Holly Rowe is here. I am a fan. #TMI
  • Pregame meal: pork tenderloin, baked beans, green beans, hot bacon dip, and biscuits. #auburn #arkansas
  • Florida was about to kick a surprise onside kick, but the ball wouldn’t stay on the tee. Or so Muschamp’s reaction would lead me to believe.
  • WE @ tiffburgess @ WarBlogle tailgates are wrapping up. People are heading in to see the Tigers play! #WDE!
  • About to say some not nice things to @ DirecTV if they don’t take this blackout off the Auburn game. Miami/VT is on ABC.
  • That’s better @ DIRECTV. That’s better. #auburn #arkansas
  • Game time. Let’s go. See you at halftime. #auburn #wareagle
  • WE @ EB_TXmade I love my boys #auburntillidie
  • Lotta former QBs and coaches on my timeline right now.
  • Sunday-Friday: I believe in Auburn and love it. Saturday: OMG! WHAT ARE THEY DOING?! WE’RE TERRIBLE! I’LL NEVER WATCH AGAIN! Chill people.
  • @ davidpowellbham Hey Taylor Hicks’s dad, you’re an Alabama fan aren’t you?
  • You know how LA-Monroe always seems to have Alabama’s number? Yeah, Arkansas has ours… #wareagleanyway
  • On a positive note, the defense gave up 10 points in the 2nd half, and both scores were on a short field after turnovers. #wareagleanyway
  • @ Culligan27 The last time Auburn played Alabama, Auburn won. That’s all that matters, right Cullen?
  • In case you were wondering if Alabama fans care about Auburn, they do. Every one of their fans tweet me when Auburn loses. It’s pretty sad.
  • Of course he did. WE @ dubmeister: Dyer got heckled coming off field. Handled with class.
  • @ davidpowellbham So why exactly are you talking to me about an Auburn-Arkansas game while your team was playing a game?
  • Hey, if you want to take a look at how we got here, Depth Chart is about to come on ESPN2!!!!
  • So Arkansas fans were basically making fun of Dyer for leaving the state and going to Auburn. Yeah, I bet he hated winning that Championship
  • The sadness. WE @ Culligan27: @ WarBlogle To see boogs lose is more gratifying than watching Champions put up a 34-0 shut out. its EZ.
  • Yep. WE @ brooksw44: @ WarBlogle Looks like it’s gonna be Raiders 30 for 30 instead of Year of the QB: Depth Chart. Shucks.
  • Will Auburn be the first team to jump from unranked to #15 to unranked? It really might happen. #wareagleanyway
  • Gosh! Did we ever win a game without him?! WE @ sblubel: @ WarBlogle Life without cam is tough huh?
  • Alright, I’m done. I’ve responded to enough stupid already. #wareagleanyway
  • Can I just say that it will be good to see the Tigers wearing blue next week? #auburn #wareagle
  • Flip it over to SNL. Skit about Hank Williams Jr. And yes he’s wearing the same Alabama hat.
  • I was going to move on from Arkansas, but was just told to go look at their Rivals site: Get over it, you lost by 22!
  • I had no idea that Arkansas was so hurt from their loss last year. They apparently HATE Cam and Dyer and thought they got cheated last year.
  • Didn’t let me down. What about y’all? WE @ KiehlFrazier: I apologize to the Auburn family. I let u guys down. We’ll grow from this. Still WDE
  • Alright, going to sleep. The sun should come up in the morning. If it does, then it’s on to Florida week. #auburn #wareagleanyway

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Eagle-Six 10/09/2011 at 8:57 pm

Bammers always find their way in on Auburn Conversations.


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