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A Third Q&A with Gregg Doyel (HBO Four Edition)

Now that it seems like the whole world, including former Tigers, has officially come out against Auburn, I figured it was a good time to reach out to one of the only national guys who seems to have our back. You’ll remember Gregg Doyel from CBS Sports as the guy who defended Cam Newton and called Thayer Evans a “douchebag” the last two times he answered questions for the ‘Blogle. This time he talks about the HBO Four.

You can read more of his stuff here, and following him on Twitter here.

1. Did you watch the HBO Real Sports episode the other night?

Oops. I did not.

2. Yesterday you tweeted something to the effect of the claims being more believable if they were made by players you have heard of. Do you think the credibility takes a hit because of the types of guys that were interviewed?

If you want to believe in Auburn, as I do, yes — THOSE players being the ones to say they were paid makes it easier to discount it. McClover was very good, and another was pretty good, but I just about can’t believe a few of those guys were ever regarded so well that cheating would be done for them. Cheat, for some of those stiffs? I don’t get it.

3. Do you believe the four players?

I don’t believe them, no. It seems like all four either have an axe to grind, or money to make for whatever special interests they have, or both. At the same time, four people making an accusation … that’s hard to completely ignore. But I’m choosing to not believe them.

4. Do you feel like HBO made the story completely one-sided?

Honestly, no. HBO did what the media does: reported the news. If 196 players say they didn’t cheat, that’s not news. Four people said they did cheat? That’s news.

5. How would you grade their journalism skills in regards to being fair and balanced on the story?

From what I gather, they asked Auburn for an on-camera comment and someone, whoever it was at Auburn, declined. If that’s true, I give HBO a C. And the grade is lowered to a C because of the appearance of impropriety, what with McClover’s foundation being mentioned on air or something. Again, I didn’t see it, but that’s what I’ve read happened.

6. Are you as numb to the negativity thrown at Auburn this year as most of the Auburn fans are by now? Do you see this just as another smear campaign like those put out by your buddy Thayer Evans?

It’s really hard to make sense of this. The world is falling down on Auburn, yet there’s no proof, and most of this stuff — like the players with obvious axes to grind — can be dismissed if you’re so inclined. Which I am. I’m not numb, no, but I’m intensely curious as to why this is happening.

8. Lastly, were you paid to go to journalism school? Was the money given in backpacks?

Hahahahahaha I was paid to go AWAY. And I wouldn’t.

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