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Texas A&M Review: Couldn’t Get the Ball

Well, it was there. And then it wasn’t. Let’s hit the bullet points.

  • It was freezing in the shade and hot in the sun.
  • The crowd was into it.
  • The Auburn defense simply could not get off the field. The run defense was bad against Tennessee, okay against Alabama, and then atrocious against Texas A&M. That is why Auburn lost.
  • Texas A&M punted twice, missed one field goal, and then scored touchdowns or field goals on every other drive.
  • The Aggies had the ball for 16 more minutes than Auburn. That was the difference.
  • Auburn didn’t play bad on offense. They only punted 3 times, had 0 turnovers, and didn’t miss any field goals. They just weren’t on the field.
  • Bo Nix is like a mixture of Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel. He is going to make wow, never-give-up plays, and then end it by running over somebody.
  • Some of Bo’s throws were off early. He had a sure touchdown to Eli Stove (on Senior Day, dangit), and he started the game with two bad screens. It got better, but again, they weren’t on the field to score more points.
  • Auburn needed Kellen Mond to make a mistake. He made one mistake, throwing the ball right into Zakoby McClain’s hands. As you know, it tipped off his hands and went right into the receivers hands in the endzone.
  • Sometimes Auburn Jesus takes days off.
  • Auburn was in it up until the 4th quarter. Then, again, the defense couldn’t make a stop.
  • The Auburn offense only had the ball for 4 minutes in the 4th quarter and most of that was after Texas A&M had scored 17 points in the 4th quarter.
  • I hate to see any of the seniors go, but it was a promising Senior Day for one reason. I’ll let you guess why.
  • Auburn now goes and plays a nothing game against a bad team with a weird coach and a weird offense that would love to make things worse.
  • 6-4 is the goal.

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