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Final BCS Bus Itinerary/Details

If you’re taking the BCS Bus from Las Vegas to Glendale, like all the cool kids, you should have received the information below in an email a few moments ago. If not, then read it here. If you’re not going on the BCS Bus, go ahead and read and wish you were. My final tally for buses driving from Vegas to Glendale is 9 (4-BCS Bus, 4-LVAC, 1-other dude). This is going to be awesome.

War Eagle!

The time is finally here!  In just a few short days, we will be boarding the buses to go see our Tigers win the BCS National Championship.  I want to go ahead and thank all of you for your patience, support, and understanding throughout the whole organization process.  This trip would obviously be impossible without all of you.  To ensure smooth operations on Monday, please read this email in its entirety and email me if you have any questions.  Now, on to the fun stuff!

2011 BCS National Championship Charter Bus – Final Itinerary*

NOTE: All times PST (Vegas time)

7:45 AM – Passengers begin to arrive at The Bellagio to board buses – Check-in begins!

8:30 AM – Depart Las Vegas, en route for University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ

2:00 PM – Arrive at the Stadium (corner of Maryland and 93rd)

5:30 PM – 2011 BCS National Championship Game Kickoff

9:30 PM – End of game (estimated)

10:00 PM – End of post-game awards presentation

11:00 PM – Report back to bus – Same as drop-off location

11:30 PM – Depart Glendale, AZ en route for Las Vegas, NV

5:30 AM – Drop-off #1 – Arrive at McCarron International Airport

6:00 AM – Drop-off #2 – Arrive at The Bellagio

*This schedule is tentative. Exact times may vary.


Pick-up at The Bellagio – Check-in will begin at 7:45 AM.  Please arrive at The Bellagio no later than 8:00 AM to check in and board your bus. We will be leaving promptly at 8:30 AM (full capacity or not).  Once you arrive at The Bellagio, make your way to the Group Tour Bus staging area in the front of the hotel where the buses will be parked.  Each bus will be clearly marked with our group’s name (BCSBus) and bus color (Gold, Orange, Blue, or Yellow).  I have attached the bus list to this email.  Please find you name and determine your assigned bus color beforehand. If you have your name listed more than once, it means that I still need the names and contact information of the passengers you’ve paid for.  Please send those as soon as possible. Report to your assigned bus and check in with the stationed bus captain. In order to receive your wristband, you will be required to sign a provided liability waiver.  Seats on the buses are first come, first serve– if you have a large group that would like seats together, please arrive early.

While on the BCSBus – Please be considerate and courteous of the other passengers and our bus drivers.  Alcohol will be allowed on the buses, but please be responsible. If you vomit on the bus, you will be responsible for the non-negotiable $200 cleaning fee. Coolers will be allowed on the bus, provided they do not intrude into the aisle or anyone else’s area.  A strict “No Glass Container” policy will be enforced. Please plan accordingly. Your cooler should fit under your seat or between your legs.  Larger coolers may be stowed underneath the bus, if needed.  There will be TVs, a DVD player, and restroom facilities on every bus.  For the return trip to Las Vegas after the game, please be especially considerate of the majority of passengers who will be trying to sleep.

Bus Driver Gratuities – Our charter (Global Transportation) has an excellent track record.  Our bus drivers will be driving through the night and will be working very hard to keep us safe.  A 10% gratuity for your bus driver is both common and appropriate.  Your bus captain will be collecting gratuities at check-in.  A donation of $3-5 per person is not required, but would be greatly appreciated.

Drop-off in Glendale – The buses will drop us off within walking distance of University of Phoenix Stadium.  The buses will then move to an off-site hotel to allow the drivers a required period of rest.  During this time, any and all personal belongings left on the buses will not be accessible by any means (including tickets—don’t forget them!). We will arrive approximately 2:00 PM PST (3:00 PM local time), which will be over three hours before kickoff.  Please leave your colored wristband on once you arrive in Glendale to simplify re-boarding. There are a number of pregame parties and tailgates within walking distance of the stadium.  For more information about these events, please visit or at your convenience.

Pick-up in Glendale – A bus captain will be checking your colored wristband upon boarding.  As of right now, we are planning to pick-up at the same location that we used to drop off before the game (93rd and Maryland Ave.).  Any change in location will be made clear to you before you disembark in Glendale.  I am currently in contact with a number of local businesses to negotiate the use of a convenient and local parking lot.  It is your responsibility to report back to the bus in a timely manner.  I have projected that the game will conclude at approximately 10:30 PM MST (local time).  Allowing for post-game award ceremonies and post-game celebrations, we will be leaving PROMPTLY at 12:00 AM MST (local time).  This is non-negotiable.  A large number of passengers have flights to catch early on Tuesday, so it is imperative that we all be on time.  Anyone who is not in their seat at midnight will be left behind and must find alternate transportation.  No refunds will be offered.

Drop-off in Las Vegas – Two locations will be available to disembark.  The first stop will be McCarron International Airport (approximately 5:30 AM PST).  The second stop will be our return to The Bellagio (approximately 6:00 AM PST).  Every bus will be making both stops.  I am not responsible for any delays in our return trip, nor damages incurred from missed flights, etc.

A Brief Word – Thank you again for supporting this trip.  It is the trip of a lifetime for me—I can’t tell you how excited I am.  With that, I will state once again that I am just a college student.  I only wanted to provide a practical and affordable method of transportation so we can have as many Auburn fans in the stands as possible!  This is not a business venture for me, but it has obviously consumed a large part of my free time in the past month or so.  If you are satisfied with the level of service I’ve provided you, a small donation would be greatly appreciated, but it is obviously not required.  Please send any donation via PayPal to  To those of you that have already contributed, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  If you have any questions or concerns about this trip, please email me.  I will be glued to my laptop until I depart for Las Vegas on Saturday night. The best way to reach me before Monday will be via email, with my phone (256-527-2221) available in case of emergency. Thank you again and WAR EAGLE!

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