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Can’t fly to Glendale? Go to Vegas and take the BCS Bus!

UPDATE: There were so many people on the waiting list for the third bus that it looks like a fourth bus will be added. It isn’t official, but provided that everyone pays to fill up the third bus, there will be one more bus. Given the amount of people already waiting, no other requests will be taken.

I can now confirm that I will be taking the bus as well. I’ve been told the Las Vegas Auburn Club has four buses of their own. Can you imagine? Eight bus-fulls of Auburn fans making the trip through the desert. That doesn’t even count the people who are renting a car and driving themselves. What will we call this? The CAMavan? The AUrmada?

The information below was sent to me by the organizer of this event and seems like a great idea and a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Also, from what I’ve seen, it’s cheaper to fly to Vegas, stay in Vegas, and pay to ride the bus than solely flying from Birmingham or Atlanta to Phoenix. All the details of the trip are below. Whether you take part in all or part of the plans is completely up to you.

War Eagle!

Are you going to be staying in Las Vegas before the national championship game?  Do you need a ride to the game and back? YES?! Then read on—the following is information about the charted bus service (a.k.a. BCSBus) that I have organized for Auburn fans to take advantage of for just this purpose!

Please take a moment to look over the tentative itinerary and FAQ section.  Seats are $45/person.   Due to logistical issues, I’m only accepting payment via PayPal sent to  Seating is first come, first serve– the only way to reserve your seat is to pay for it!  Also, refunds for cancellations will only be granted in the most extreme conditions.

**Please email and check for availability before paying via paypal, seats are limited.**

2011 BCS National Championship Charter Bus – Itinerary

NOTE: All times PST (Vegas time)

7:30 AM – Arrive at Bellagio Parking deck to board bus. (Location may change)

8:00 AM – Depart Las Vegas, en route for University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ

1:15 PM – Arrive at the Stadium (corner of Maryland and 93rd)

5:30 PM – 2011 BCS National Championship Game Kickoff

9:30 PM – End of game (estimated)

10:15 PM – End of post-game awards presentation

11:00 PM – Report back to bus

11:15 PM – Depart Glendale, AZ en route for Las Vegas, NV

5:30 AM – Dropoff #1 – Arrive at McCarron International Airport

5:50 AM – Dropoff #2 – Arrive at The Bellagio (location may change)


Q: How much will this cost?

A: The cost is $45/person, payable only via PayPal to  The only way to be sure you have a seat is to pay up!

Q:  You’ve convinced me!  THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! How to I sign up?

A:  That was easy.  Send $45 per person via PayPal to as soon as you can.  Seats are first come, first serve and there has been a great response so far.  Please include the names of the riders you are paying for in the Notes/Memo section on the payment screen.  Once payment is complete, please send an email to containing the names, email addresses, and cell phone numbers of all your passengers.  If you have a preference of riding on the student bus or alumni bus, please include that in the email and I will try my best to accommodate your request.  I will confirm your reservation via email.

Q: I’ve got an early flight on Tuesday… can I make it?

A: It depends.  Flights departing 7:15 AM and later shouldn’t be a problem, however any earlier than that may be cutting it too close.  Riders will be allowed to store luggage, coolers, etc. under the bus, however neither I nor the bus company assume any liability for damaged, stolen, or lost property.  The first drop-off coming back into Vegas will be at the airport.  Passengers will unload and then the buses will return to the Bellagio lot for the final drop-off.

Q: I’m staying at ______ Hotel… it isn’t near the pickup/drop-off point!

A:  Can’t help you, sorry.  There are a number of taxi companies that would love to help you out! The Bellagio is centrally located on the Strip, so it makes sense.  It would be a logistical nightmare to cater to everyone’s individual hotel reservations.

Q:  I’ve got a child, pet, mini-horse… Can it travel free?  It will sit in my lap!

A:  Everyone, no matter how small, is required to pay $45 for service.  Sorry.

Q:  I like to party.  Is there a bus for me?

A:  I will stick you on the student bus and you will have the time of your life.  Be careful, though—there is a STRICTLY ENFORCED $200 penalty for vomiting and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated– so be responsible. Seriously.

Random information: No glass containers are allowed on the bus; be considerate—large coolers will be stowed under the bus, keep a smaller one for personal beverages.

Finally, I know the Las Vegas Auburn Club (LVAC) is organizing a charter trip as well.  This isn’t meant to compete with them, or turn a profit for me.  I’m just a student who decided that Auburn students and fans needed a low-cost (LVAC is charging $75/person), safe, round-trip option for traveling to the game.  Obviously, I can’t leave the rest of the Auburn family out, so that is why we got another bus!  Like I said, please contact if you have any further questions. WAR DAMN VEGAS!

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