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The Official ‘Teach Me How to Lutzie’ Contest

Now that we (hopefully) have a little downtime until the National Championship game, we need something to do. I’ve bothered you to no end about sending me videos of you doing the Lutzie, and many of you have complied. We’ve seen kids doing the Lutzie, a Lutzie on ice, and even a Lutzie in the Auburn locker room, but I need more. Finals are over and there’s no real football to watch for a while, so those of you that have been doing the Lutzie behind closed doors, it’s time to let it out. Let the world see your skills.

There are no rules in the ‘Teach Me How to Lutzie’ Contest. Just have someone or some thing doing the Lutzie at some point in the video. I don’t care if it’s just one person dancing, or if you make a music video, or whatever. Just do something. This contest is not for the best Lutzie. The contest is for the best Lutzie video.

Everyone that has already sent in a video is entered in the contest, and I’ll continue to take submissions until the morning of Monday, December 20th, when the readers will be given a chance to vote on the best. Voting will go on for a week, giving you time over the Christmas holidays to make sure you’ve selected your favorite.

To send me your video, you can either upload it to YouTube and email me or tweet me the link or just send me the video file and I’ll upload it. If it’s too big to email, let me know and we’ll work something out. As I receive videos, I will post them here and let everyone start picking out the best or see what the level of competition is before making their own. Get started and good luck!

1st prize: Auburn Grill Topper Apron
2nd prize: Auburn Grill Topper
3rd Prize:God and Football” by Chad Gibbs (The book is much better than a 3rd prize, but come on, Southerners grill more than they read)

Note: Since we all know that the video of Baby ‘Blogle would win hands down, it won’t be a part of the contest, but let’s watch it one more time.

The Prowl:

@rjsteiner2‘s 6-year old son:






Seattle Auburn Club:

AUMB Trumpet Section:


@AUPenguin‘s kids:


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