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From the Other Sideline – Georgia

Jeff Schultz (Facebook) has worked at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution since 1989. Prior to coming to the AJC, Schultz worked for the San Jose Mercury News and the Los Angeles Daily News, covering the NFL, the NHL and the NBA. At least ten of you should follow him on Twitter, or Schultz claims that I would be dead to him. Please don’t let that happen.

1. What is the first thing Georgia fans think of when they think of Auburn?

First thing I think of is traffic and never being able to find the right parking lot. Seriously, I’m not a fan. But the obvious answer is when you think of Auburn, you think of Cam Newton, especially given the proximity of the school to Georgia and the fact he’s from the Atlanta area. And, well, he’s kind of been in the news.

2. Aside from stopping Cam, what are the Bulldogs’ major concerns for this game?

Defense and erratic offensive line play have been the issues most of the season. Quarterback actually hasn’t been a problem, even though Aaron Murray is a freshman. Georgia is capable of scoring points, but they haven’t beaten a quality team all season (wins over: La-Lafayette, Tennessee, Vandy, Kentucky, Idaho State). They’re also 0-2 against the only two ranked teams they’ve played (South Carolina, Arkansas).

3. AJ Green says Georgia will shock the world, does he play defense, too?

No, but he actually does play on the field goal block team sometimes. Also, I think he’ll be singing the national anthem.

4. Who are two players Auburn should look out for and why?

Green on offense because he’s a game-changer. DE Justin Houston on defense because he’s one of the few guys on that side of the ball who can make plays.

5. Where do you expect these teams to struggle/excel against each other?

I dunno. What I see most is a high scoring game and Georgia not being able to keep up. I think Georgia will be able to throw the ball, but I don’t think they can win unless they run also because they need to chew up clock to keep Newton and Auburn offense off the field.

6. What are the best and worst case scenarios for Georgia this weekend?

Uh. Best case: They win. Worst case: They lose. How’s that?

7. Where do you see Georgia ending up this season?

6-6. Go to Birmingham Bowl

8. Where do you see the Tigers ending up this season?

Win this week, lose to Alabama, go to SEC champ, play Florida, uncertain of result right now.

9. What is your prediction for the game?

Auburn wins 38-27.

10. Is it true that Mark Richt said Cam Newton was responsible for the Bulldogs loss at Colorado?

No, but I did see where Colorado fired its coach despite winning that game. So I guess beating Georgia doesn’t have as much cachet as it used to.

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KrisKinnus 11/11/2010 at 8:22 pm

“No, but he actually does play on the field goal block team sometimes. Also, I think he’ll be singing the national anthem.”

“Cameron Newton once sang the national anthem before a middle school basketball game. It wasn’t the Star-Spangled Banner, however, but rather Gosudarstvenniy Gimn SSSR as, according to sources, Newton is a member of the Communist Party. He has also killed 34 baby seals.” – Thayer Evans FoxSPORTS.COM


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