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FootballRoundtable of Tigers Past

Roundtable of Tigers Past – Ole Miss Week

Well, it looks like Jeris and Cole will be the only ones joining us on the Roundtable this week. I guess Bret got busy, or at least that’s what I think “Inbox: 0 new messsages” means. I’m sure he just went over to Oxford early. If so, I’ll be seeing him in a little bit. Anyway, we hope to have him return next week. On to the questions…

1. Why do you think the human pollsters still have Auburn behind Oregon and Boise State while the computers have them miles ahead in their ranking?

Jeris: Not really sure how those polls workout. There are a lot of unbeaten teams still remaining, so the computers just go off what they know. The computers only know that this year Auburn has beaten ranked teams like LSU, South Carolina, Miss. State, and Arkansas. I just think if the BCS poll is the only one that matters at the end of the day, then that’s the only one they should have.

Cole: Computers don’t factor in the “eye test” or margin of victory. Boise is still the feel good story and they started high. I’m not saying it’s right, but people see Oregon score 50 or 60 and believe that is a safe way to gauge how good they are. Computers factor in opponent strength of schedule among other things. The BCS poll usually gets it right even if the system as a whole is flawed.

When you look at 34-23 being the record of Auburn’s opponents and the fact that they have defeated four ranked teams, it honestly shouldn’t even be open for discussion.

2. The answer to this is “you can’t”, but how would try you stop Cam Newton?

Jeris: I think the only way you can attempt to stop him is to play press-man on the wide receivers outside and literally stack every other person you have on defense at the line of scrimmage. The thing about that is he can really throw the football, so you just have to hope he is off in the passing game, but I doubt that would happen because he is super-consistent.

Cole: I’d make him throw. He hasn’t attempted over 20 passes in a game. I would sell out to stop the run and take my chances one on one in coverage.

3. We all know what Houston Nutt can do to a promising Auburn football season. With Auburn’s #1 ranking, how important is this week’s game with Ole Miss?

Jeris: This is the most important game of the year. From here on out as long as we keeping winning, every game is going to be important. Ole Miss has talent, and Houston Nutt knows how to win big games. I think if we come out and play the way that we can, we should still be unbeaten by the end of the night.

Cole: It’s the most important because it’s the next game. Road games in conference are always tough. The target has been placed. However, this team has earned everything they have, so I don’t expect a letdown.

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