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Week 6 Predictions

I’ve been 6-2 the last two weeks. Let’s hope I do a little better this week. Anything less than perfect is unacceptable.

This Week: 3-5
Last Week: 6-2
Overall: 42-14 (75.0%)


Tennessee at Georgia – Georgia just lost to Colorado. Tennessee just barely lost to LSU. Georgia is favored to beat Tennessee by 13 points. Whatever those guys in Vegas are smoking must be some good stuff.

I want to think Georgia is going to snap out of their funk sometime. They played better with A.J. Green back on the field, but they still lost to lowly Colorado. I still don’t understand Tennessee. They hang with Florida, struggle mightily to beat UAB, and then play more than good enough to beat LSU.

Tennessee has at least looked respectable this year, so I’m picking the Vols.

Tennessee 21, Georgia 17

Georgia 41, Tennessee 14FAILURE

Alabama at South Carolina – South Carolina is better than the Florida we saw last week. Plus, this game is in Columbia, so surely the Super Bowl Champions for the next 50 years will at least be somewhat challenged this week.

Against Auburn, Alshon Jeffrey kept the Gamecocks in the game by getting open and making some great catches. Alabama’s only weak spot, that all other teams in the nation would call the strength of their team, is their secondary. If Jeffrey can get open and make some plays, like Arkansas’s receivers were able to do, then the Gamecocks could challenge the Tide. Garcia needs to hold on to the ball, take a few hits without getting rattled, and get the ball to his receivers.

Alabama is still better than the Gamecocks, so…I guess…they’ll win.

Alabama 26, South Carolina 17

South Carolina 35, Alabama 21 – Best FAILURE ever!

Arkansas at Texas A&M – Arkansas had a week off to think about blowing the game against Alabama. Texas A&M has had 9 days off to think about blowing the game against Oklahoma State. When it comes down to it, Arkansas hung with Alabama and Texas A&M hung with Oklahoma State. Hogs win.

Arkansas 31, Texas A&M 20

Arkansas 24, Texas A&M 17SUCCESS!

Eastern Michigan at Vanderbilt – I am not going to justify this game with a preview. You’re lucky to get a score.

Vanderbilt 34, Eastern Michigan 7

Vanderbilt 52, Eastern Michigan 6 SUCCESS!

LSU at Florida – Florida was able to move the ball on Alabama last week, but tried to get cute inside the red zone, which ultimately resulted in a blowout. LSU, and Les Miles, are just gay.

Florida finally gives Les Miles the beating that the entire SEC is going to love to see.

Florida 24, LSU 7

LSU 7, Florida 24FAILURE

Mississippi State at Houston – Houston has no Case Keenum, therefore Houston has no chance of beating the Bulldogs two years in a row. Mississippi State has looked decent for most of the year, and they will pick up a good road win against the Cougars.

Mississippi State 28, Houston 13

Mississippi State 47, Houston 24 SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Michigan State at Michigan – Michigan beat Notre Dame by four. Michigan State beat Notre Dame by three. I think that makes it pretty obvious.

Michigan 28, Michigan State 27

Michigan State 34, Michigan 17FAILURE

Florida State at Miami – Boy, where has this game gone? I would be willing to bet that Florida State is the only team ranked in the top 25 (#23) that has been beaten by 30. Miami’s pretty good, too. ‘Canes win.

Miami 27, Florida State 14

Florida State 45, Miami 17 FAILURE

Twit-Fam Prediction

Auburn at Kentucky – There was a much better turnout this week for the score predictions. We’ll blame last week on the opponent. Anyway, here’s the average of your predictions:

Auburn 36, Kentucky 18

Auburn 37, Kentucky 34 SUCCESS!

If you want to be a part of next week’s predictions, follow me on Twitter, and I’ll let you know when it’s time to tweet them in.

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JackTheRabbit 10/07/2010 at 5:22 pm

UGA’s pissed and at home. I’ll be shocked if the vols pull this one out.

The WarBlogler 10/07/2010 at 5:58 pm

Oh yeah, that 11 am “we’re here to support a 1-4 team” home crowd should definitely intimidate the Vols.


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