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Ranking the SEC After Week 2

Teams that struggled in Week 1 continued to not dominate bad competition in Week 2. But then some teams that lost or struggled in Week 1 beat okay teams in Week 2. This is going to be weird. I can feel it.


1. Alabama (2-0)

This ranking isn’t as strong as it seemed. They’ve given up 27 points to Miami and Mercer. Miami just beat Appalachian State by 3. But they’ll destroy Florida this week because they Gators aren’t good, and nobody will remember struggling to blowout Mercer.

(Last week #1: beat Mercer 48-14)

2. Georgia (2-0)

The did what they were supposed to do with a backup quarterback. It was UAB after all.

(Last week #2: beat UAB 56-7)

3. Auburn (2-0)

Two easy opponents. Two nearly perfect beatdowns of those opponents. Aside from Georgia, they are about the only team to do exactly what they were supposed to do in their first two games.

(Last week #3: beat Alabama State 62-0)

4. Ole Miss (2-0)

The Rebels had Lane Kiffin back and beat the Peay out of Austin Peay, but giving up 17 to the Governers? That’s suspect.

(Last week #4: beat Austin Peay 54-17)

5. Kentucky (2-0)

OH MY GOSH DID YOU KNOW MARK STOOPS IS KENTUCKY’S FOOTBALL COACH? They struggled to beat Missouri and people want to marry the Wildcats. They are maybe possibly good for Kentucky.

(Last week #7: beat Missouri 35-28)

6. Texas A&M (2-0)

Jimbo’s Aggies lost their starting quarterback and barely beat Colorado. Should they drop in the rankings considering they didn’t play well without their starter? Yes, he’ll be gone at least a month and you should have our backup ready to beat Colorado by more than 3. I am not impressed.

(Last week #5: beat Colorado 10-7)

7. Arkansas (2-0)

Texas is back, but they’re not, but they are when you want to bolster a win over the Longhorns. The Hogs win over Texas could be seen a mile away. The hype after it happened would have you thinking Texas won the last 3 national championships and Arkansas had never won a game. Remember that Arkansas struggled with Rice last week.

(Last week #10: beat Texas 40-21)

8. Florida (2-0)

NC State beat South Florida 44-0. Mississippi State should’ve lost to Louisiana Tech and then had no problem with NC State. So giving up 20 points to South Florida tells me that Florida isn’t that good.

(Last week #6: beat South Florida 42-20)

9. LSU (1-1)

A week after embarrassing the SEC, they didn’t exactly destroy McNeese. This isn’t looking good.

(Last week #8: beat McNeese 34-7)

10. Mississippi State (2-0)

Maybe Louisiana Tech is good? They should’ve beaten the Maroons and then the Maroons handle NC State. I don’t know. They’re like Tennessee to me. Maybe they aren’t terrible, but they aren’t good.

(Last week#13: beat NC State 24-10)

11. Missouri (1-1)

They beat Central Michigan by a 10 and lost to Kentucky by 7. Meh, Mizzou, meh.

(Last week #9: lost at Kentucky 35-28)

12. Tennessee (1-1)

Tennessee lost by a touchdown to the Tennessee of the north. It’s whatever. They aren’t terrible, but they aren’t good.

(Last week #11: lost to Pitt 41-34)

13. South Carolina (2-0)

I was honestly surprised they beat East Carolina. They were favored, which tells me maybe I gave too much to the Pirates. The Gamecocks are hiding two bad opponents behind this shiny 2-0 record.

(Last week #12: beat East Carolina 20-17)

14. Vanderbilt (1-1)

After losing to ETSU, I said I would never talk about Vandy again. But now I guess I’ll give them a few words. Who knew that the kicker that doinked the field goal in the 2019 Iron Bowl is now kicking for Vandy and he won the game this week? Weird.

(Last week #14: beat Colorado State 24-21)

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