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Week 14 Predictions

This has been a very good year for my predictions, but they took a major hit last week. All the right upsets in all the wrong places put me at my lowest success rate of the entire season. As I said last week, I hadn’t missed more than two predictions in a single week, and as you see, I missed seven last week. Oh well…

These will obviously be my last before the bowl games, and also my shortest list of games since there is only one….the one….the one we’ve all been waiting for. The game of the history of the world. What we all expected. What we all wanted to see. Seriously, does the media think anybody outside of Bammers and Jorters really, honestly care that much about this game? If Auburn isn’t playing in it, who cares right?

This Week: 4-1
Last Week: 3-7
Overall: 102-30 (77.3%)


Alabama vs. Florida (SEC Championship Game) – There have been rumblings of Bama fans changing the words to their ever-so-popular “Hey {insert 7-5 team they barely beat here}” song to “Hey Tebow…”. That fact alone gives Alabama it’s first of two losses to end the season. Welcome to 12-2 again.

Florida 23, Alabama 14

Alabama 32, Florida 13FAILURE

Other Games That Might Tickle Your Fancy

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh – In the unofficial Big East Championship game, I would really like to see Pittsburgh win. Actually, I really just want to see Cincinnati lose, but it won’t happen. Get your pitchforks Bearcat fans.

Cincinnati 38, Pittsburgh 24

Cincinnati 45, Pittsburgh 44SUCCESS!

Texas vs. Nebraska (Big 12 Championship Game) – I really, really want TCU in the National Championship Game. The only way that happens is for the Longhorns to get beat by the Cornhuskers. Colt McCoy says “no sir, that Heisman is mine” and rips apart the Nebraska defense.

Texas 35, Nebraska 28

Texas 13, Nebraska 12 SUCCESS!

Clemson vs. Georgia Tech (ACC Championship Game) – Last week, two 6(now 7)-win SEC teams beat both participants in the ACC championship game. That says a lot doesn’t it? Oh yeah, this is a rematch isn’t it? Georgia Tech won the first time and will win again.

Georgia Tech 31, Clemson 20

Georgia Tech 39, Clemson 34SUCCESS!

Upset of the Week

Wisconsin at Hawaii – The Rainbow Warriors will beat the Badgers prompting the Outback Bowl to switch it’s pick to Northwestern, much to the delight of Auburn fans that are tired of playing against the boring Badgers.

Hawaii 28, Wisconsin 23

Wisconsin 51, Hawaii 10SUCCESS!

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fishinthebrook 12/05/2009 at 10:01 am

Great website, ‘fishinthebrook’ is a AU grad EE ’64 and MS ’67 and a die hard Auburn fan, married to an Auburn grad with a daughter that is a ’93 Auburn grad, his father was an Auburn grad ’27 and a great uncle played on Coach Heisman’s team before the turn of the century. Best to you WarBlogler and War Eagle!! – I leave the D##@ out after reading the article about Lord Saban.


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