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Week 11 Predictions

Sorry these are a day late. I was busy being the winning pitcher in an epic men’s softball game last night.

This Week: 6-3
Last Week: 10-1
Overall: 88-21 (80.7%)


Tennessee at Ole Miss – This could actually be a really good game. Tennessee has been hot of late, and Ole Miss has been, well, Ole Miss. But you have to expect the recent arrests of the geniuses from Tennessee to have some sort of effect on the team. Even so, Tennessee should win considering how well they’ve played recently. Whoever thought Crompton would be playing better than Jesus Snead?

Tennessee 31, Ole Miss 21

Ole Miss 42, Tennessee 17FAILURE

Kentucky at Vanderbilt – This is my favorite game of the year…not. Ok, that was cool like 15 years ago. Maybe this game was too…not.

Kentucky 38, Vanderbilt 14

Kentucky 24, Vanderbilt 13 SUCCESS!

Florida at South Carolina – When is the Spurrier/Florida storyline going to go away or at least fade a little? Every year we are fed this game as a huge rivalry…or something. South Carolina always hangs around and Florida wins. Same story every year. It won’t be any different this time around.

Florida 28, South Carolina 17

Florida 24, South Carolina 14 SUCCESS!

Louisiana Tech at LSU – Louisiana Tech isn’t a bad team and LSU has to be down after their loss last week. Who thinks that all the sidelines at Tiger Stadium will be painted in fluorescent yellow? Tech keeps it interesting and LSU pulls away at the end.

LSU 30, Louisiana Tech 14

LSU 24, Louisiana Tech 16 SUCCESS!

Alabama at Mississippi State – Dan Mullen is calling for his stadium to be full and loud for this one. Should he have to say that? Who wants to bet Alabama wins by a lot less than Auburn beat Mississippi State by? This one will be boring.

Alabama 23, Mississippi State 13

Alabama 31, Mississippi State 3SUCCESS!

Troy at Arkansas –  I would love for Troy to win this one. I seriously would. Arkansas is my new most hated team not named Alabama, and yes it’s because they beat us. It probably won’t happen though.

Arkansas 41, Troy 31

Arkansas 56, Troy 20SUCCESS!

Auburn at Georgia – For the third year in a row this game doesn’t mean much to those outside the two fan bases. Who cares? Both of these teams need this win, and Auburn wants it too. Soulja Boy on the 50-yard line after a big victory…who’s with me?

Auburn 38, Georgia 28

Georgia 31 Auburn 24 FAILURE

Other Games That Might Tickle Your Fancy

Iowa at Ohio State – This is the game that Iowa was supposed to lose to end their BCS chances. Oh well, they’ll lose anyway, and somehow Ohio State is going to get into a BCS bowl with a loss to Purdue.

Ohio State 24, Iowa 17

Ohio State 27, Iowa 24SUCCESS!

Stanford at USC – You would think Stanford would win this one. USC is down for USC. Stanford is up for Stanford. But USC knows all that and will blow out the Cardinal.

USC 38, Stanford 10

Stanford 55, USC 21FAILURE

Upset of the Week


West Virginia at Cincinnati – I kinda just want this one to happen. It would help Auburn’s resume and clear up the BCS picture so we can stop talking about all the undefeated teams. Plus, Cincinnati shouldn’t be talked about in national title talk. They just shouldn’t.

West Virginia 27, Cincinnati 24

Cincinnati 24, West Virginia 21

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ZDAlsobr 11/13/2009 at 11:46 am

La Tech is horrendous: LSU 47-3

Stanford will play USC down to the end: USC 33-31

The WarBlogler 11/13/2009 at 2:02 pm

So if La Tech is horrendous then Boise State is barely horrendous?
I just think the Stanford win is too obvious to even come to close to happening.


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