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Interesting Tidbits on the Sweet Sixteen, Bruce Pearl, and the QB Battle

Happy Thursday. We’re about 28.5 hours away from Auburn’s first Sweet Sixteen appearance since 2003. Everyone is still talking about Basketball in a year where Gus is theoretically on the hot seat and we have no idea who the starting QB will be next year. It’s been a great run. Catch up on everything you need to know about the matchup against UNC, and everything else you may have missed.

– Auburn tips off against UNC in Kansas City around 6:30 central tomorrow. Here’s a good recap of how they got there, as well as a look at the rise of SEC Basketball.

– The matchup will feature prolific guard play and an extremely fast pace. Also, Auburn’s stingy defense is getting national attention.

– See what Roy Williams had to say about Auburn.

– A lot of attention has been rightfully given to head coach Bruce Pearl. Given his current salary and SEC tenure, how much is he worth to Auburn?

– Bonus Bruce content, him talking about how sweaty he is.

– Bryce Brown is the hardest worker on the court every game, and Bruce is the most prepared.

– For my gambling friends, here’s a good analysis of the game, what the public is hammering, and does Bruce want you to bet on the game?

– Spring Football practice is still in full swing, see what a rejuvenated Gus had to say about the second week of practice.

– The QB battle is heating up. Does Gus think there’s a frontrunner?

– From what we’ve seen so far, next year’s offense looks AUFast. Also, I hope Seth Williams’ prediction is right.

– More Spring Practice news: Updates on the D-Line, a patient RB, and the year of the Big Kat?

– Softball is taking offense to new levels. See how they fared against Kennesaw State.

– Finally, GET HYPED.


Let me know if I missed anything in the comments below.

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