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Berry Gets Tate’d and Other Videos of Note

Here are some videos that I made last night. The first is, as the title states, Eric Berry getting Tate’d, ragdolled, whatever you want to call it. The second is some shameless self-promotion. I tweeted my prediction for the AU/UT game to Fox Sport South’s “SEC Gridiron Live” and it got shown on the show. It didn’t get talked about, but I’m sure the whole nation, nay…world was talking about the tweet. By the way, you can follow on Twitter for other exhilarating tweets of this kind.

Update: I won.

Mobile readers view it here.

Mobile readers view it here.

And here’s a video of the Tiger Walk that was not to be.

Interesting Tidbits to follow…

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AUmike734 10/05/2009 at 12:03 pm

The Eric Berry/Ben Tate vids have been removed from YouTube. Just curious if it has anything to do with Berry’s Heisman campaign… Wouldn’t want to hurt his chances or anything. Especially since YouTube is the official source of all the Heisman voters. :>

AUmike734 10/06/2009 at 7:16 am

I logged onto YouTube this morning to see if there were any more videos of Eric Berry getting owned by Ben Tate and I ran across this…

And it’s not been removed as of this post… Talk about a crock!


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