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Interesting Tidbits After Ball State

The View From Up Here and the ‘Blogler’s Ball State Review will come later today. Keep checking this post throughout the day, as I may add a few more tidbits as I see fit.

  • Auburn still isn’t ranked in the either of the major polls, and I’m not the only one who thinks that something is wrong with that. In fact, has Auburn ranked pretty dang high. I don’t think you understand., which is a partner of MSN and Scout (all happen to be well-respected media moguls, outlets, etc.), has Auburn ranked in the top 10, yet the AP and Coaches’ poll voters don’t think they should be in the top 25? Those are some pretty big names/companies there that disagree with the guys who have a hand in choosing the national champion each year. Ridiculous. But yeah I’m whining and everybody has it out for Auburn and there’s a conspiracy against them and blah blah blah…
  • CBS Sports at least has Auburn ranked too.
  • Chris Low of hands out his Helmet Stickers and gives one to a certain quarterback with better numbers than “GMac“.
  • CFN continues the “Todd love” in their Who’s Hot section this week.
  • Low also gives us his Power Rankings, which I somewhat disagree with. How can LSU play a softer schedule than Auburn, have a moral loss of mass proportions to Miss. St. (who Auburn beat 49-24) and still be considered the 3rd best team in the SEC, two spots higher than Auburn? Based on what has happened, and not this generally accepted idea that LSU has the most talent in the SEC every year no matter what, how can they be ahead of Auburn in anything (besides passed-out drunks in a stadium) right now?
  • And in the shocker of the year, has officially recognized that Auburn has been playing football this year. In fact, they completely throw out the system and pick the top 16 teams to go into their Playoff Bracket. Guess who’s #16, waiting to knock of the Fighting Concussions? Too soon? Again, multiple voters with have Auburn ranked #16, yet the polls show that they aren’t one of the 25 best teams in the country. Maybe Auburn should lose and then they’ll get into the polls. Fourteen teams have a loss and are ranked in the AP poll, thirteen in the Coaches’.

Some Tennessee Stuff:

  • Here’s a nice article about the differences in Chizik and Kiffin. This guy has it about dead on.
  • The Ball State reviews haven’t even been written yet, and we already have a reason to begin the trash talk for the Tennessee game.
  • Here’s the Official Tennessee Preview from
  • And now…here they come….the AUBURN TIREGS!!! Let’s hope the TIGERS show up this Saturday. I got the G! No, I got the G!

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rayers1001 09/28/2009 at 12:08 pm

Beat Tennessee soundly and then you’ll be ranked.

arspvb 09/28/2009 at 7:19 pm

Doesn’t matter until this weekend. Win and we’ll be properly ranked, lose and we shouldn’t have been there any way.

I like the fact that CGC can use the “we ain’t getting no love” as motivation.

Have you seen Buffalo’s record this year…they are 1-3 and Iowa Sate is 3-1…Gill falling, Chizik foundation growing…Maybe JJ knew what he was doing…


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