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Georgia Preview

Georgia Week. Amen Corner. One small step below the Iron Bowl. Oldest rivalry in the Deep South (not really sure where the ‘Deep South’ starts). Whatever you want to call it, it demands respect and national attention; something ESPN and CBS hasn’t given this game the last two times it has been played in Auburn. Basically, ESPN has said that Alabama thrashing Mississippi State will be more entertaining than a game that’s one of two reasons why the players go to these schools, more entertaining than again the ‘Oldest Rivalry in the Deep South’, and more entertaining than the second best game on two normally top-15 teams’ schedules. CBS has said the same for Florida-South Carolina; a little more understandable, but nothing close to Auburn-Georgia.

So this disrespect for this game puts us where? 11:30 on Raycom Sports. THE worst production of anything ever put on TV. Two years ago, the culprit was Georgia. They had 4 losses, two at the hands Kentucky and Vanderbilt. Auburn had one embarrassing loss to Arkansas at home, but all Auburn fans looked at the game time (and station) and said “Thanks Georgia”. This year, it falls on Auburn’s hands. BUT this game should never get to the point where ESPN executives are asking themselves if Auburn’s record is better than Mississippi State’s and if that should determine what game is on. Sure, Alabama is number #1 which makes for an appealing pick, but would they broadcast their game if they were playing Florida Atlantic? Anyway, there’s my opinion of the game time and the stupidity of the networks. I just feel like recently the Auburn-Georgia game has just been looked at as a pretty decent game that nobody cares about besides the two teams’ fans. It doesn’t matter what the records are, what the trends are, or anything about that year for that matter. If the two teams win 5 games collectively over a 10 year span, then it may be time to think about giving it an 11:30 slot, but not now. Would the Iron Bowl be at 11:30? I would hope not, so this one shouldn’t be either.

Anyway, to the actual game, we still have to play it, regardless of the time, and regardless of what the experts think. Georgia has given up over 35 points in the last three games. They gave up 38 to Kentucky last week in a last second win. Their defense is ranked 10th overall in the SEC. However, they have the offense to make up giving up those points. As of this week, they have the SEC’s number one offense in terms of total yards, and Matthew Stafford leads the SEC in passing while Knowshow Moreno leads the SEC in rushing.

Laugh all you want, but this game is almost a straight matchup. Auburn’s offense has obviously struggled all year, but has gotten better each of the last 3 weeks, and as I just mentioned Georgia has one of the worst defenses. Georgia’s offense can score some points, and besides one bad, bad second half at West Virginia, Auburn hasn’t given up too many. Don’t mention UT-Martin racking up yards. We had more than half of the starting defense resting on the bench.

This game is usually just very weird. Two years ago, like I mentioned, the game was at 11:30 in Auburn. Georgia had four losses, Auburn had one, and was playing for an SEC championship berth, national stuff, and all that, and Georgia gets four picks, we make freshman Stafford look Dan Marino, and it was a blowout in the opposite direction. Also, there’s the fact that this series had the first overtime game in SEC history. And there’s the 4th down pass from Cox to Aromashodu, that was fumbled on the one, covered up by Courtney Taylor in the endzone, alter to be moved back to the two yard line giving Auburn the chance to run the clock out for a last second field goal. The point is, there have been upsets and MUCH crazier things have happened in this series. Which is again why this game should NEVER be on at 11:30 on Raycom Sports. It’s time to give this game the respect it deserves again.

Oh and this is one reason why I hate Georgia:

But this makes it all better (think about how the guy with the ‘G’ on his chest felt after this pass):


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ZDAlsobr 11/12/2008 at 1:46 pm

11:30 games ruin the entire day for me…no sleeping in late, no getting sloshed drunk, no tailgating with other sloshed drunk people, no time to allow my expectations to build up (which, this year anyway, is actually a good thing), & no time to kick many people’s ass in cornhole. Of course, the Raycom slot can’t really be blamed on anyone but ourselves (this year, UGA in 06)…since no one outside of the Raycom viewing audience really gives a damn about who wins this game. UGA, in 06, was smarting from the same, if not identical, type of record we have this year both with an embarrassing loss to Vandy thrown in. Their QB was young & had never played in this game before & ours had had a career game the year before. Theirs played like a world beater, ours like a beatup little girl. Perhaps we can turn the table this year…I have no reason to think this is even plausible but who knows…

trigger 11/12/2008 at 5:28 pm

I would still like to think that more people nationally would watch AU-UGA than ESPN 2’s showing of Vandy and UK.


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