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Week 6 Predictions

Last Week: 5-4
This Week: 5-2
Overall: 38-19


Northern Illinois at Tennessee – It’s not that Tennessee’s offense is that bad, it’s that their coaches are just stupid. Put #4, Gerald Jones, at QB and let him run it every play. He actually made the Auburn defense struggle a little bit this last week. His punt returns were very scary as well. Tennessee should be running the ball. Everybody sees it, except the coaches. Maybe they’ll do that this week while trying to break in their new QB. I think they will and should score a few TD’s.

Northern Illinois beat Alabama in 2003. That’s all I have to say about that.

Tennessee 28, Northern Illinois 13

Tennessee 13, Northern Illinois 9SUCCESS!

Florida at Arkansas – Florida mad, Arkansas bad. Do I have to say anything else? I guess I should say that Florida’s offense definitely isn’t clicking like last year, even with Harvin back in the lineup. Tebow just got his first rushing TD of the year last week in the loss to Ole Miss. However the Gators also gave up their first turnovers of the season. All that aside, Florida is way better than Arkansas, and Urban Meyer, the genius that used to be, will put up some cry baby points this week.

Florida 41, Arkansas 17

Florida 38, Arkansas 7SUCCESS!

South Carolina at Ole Miss – South Carolina doesn’t want to be good do they? They barely beat Wofford, and barely beat the worst team in all of college football in UAB. Ole Miss is somewhat suprising, but they aren’t SI cover worthy. Haven’t they learned their lesson with jumping on the bandwagon? (see ‘Bama’s Back’ 2005) Ole Miss might be too hyped, but right now, with a few practices, my brothers and I could beat South Carolina. It will be closer than SI expected. Oh yeah, Houston Nutt is an idiot.

Ole Miss 27, South Carolina 21

South Carolina 31, Ole Miss 24FAILURE

Kentucky at Alabama – The line for this game is Alabama -16.5. Come on now. I don’t care what the halftime score was last week. The Tide gave up just as many points in the second half, minus one because of a random two-point conversion just for kicks. Kentucky is 4-0 but 0-0 in the SEC. I don’t think they really have a chance, but you never know what you’re gonna get with Bammer. 170 yards versus Tulane or blowing out a team (for a half) that I’ve called overrated all year. Also Kentucky has a real defense (#1 in scoring defense in the nation) unlike the ‘Dawgs.

By the way, are there any more ‘Bama car flags left in the stores? Bama car flags are back!

Alabama 24, Kentucky 14

Alabama 17, Kentucky 14 SUCCESS!

Auburn at Vanderbilt Vanderbilt is 4-0. Blah, blah, blah. Miami (OH), South Carolina, Rice, and Ole Miss…impressive resume. We have no clue how good they are, except that they rank dead last in both total offense and total defense in the SEC. That says enough for me. However, Auburn does always seem to semi-struggle everytime we go up there, and with I’m sure another ‘Blackout’ and GameDay being there, the Vandy-hype is going to be unbelievable. Too bad half the student body will have to leave the game early for study group. The absence of the student section will allow the Tigers to break it open in the 4th.

Todd or Burns, I don’t care. I semi-pull for Todd, solely on the fact that drunk, jealous frat guys think it’s ok to boo him because they could obviously do better. I love both of them, want both to play, and want both to succeed. I think a healthy dose of both, and maybe a little more Mario, gets the ball rolling this week.

Auburn 27, Vanderbilt 9

Vanderbilt 14, Auburn 13 FAILURE…I hate life.

Other Games That Might Tickle Your Fancy

Ohio State at Wisconsin – Who cares really? Ohio State is majorly overrated once again, but not as bad as Wisconsin.

Ohio State 24, Wisconsin 21

Ohio State 20, Wisconsin 17 SUCCESS!

** Upset Special **

UConn at North Carolina -Technically this is an upset because UConn is ranked and North Carolina isn’t. I think it won’t be close.

North Carolina 34, UConn 7

North Carolina 38, UConn 12 SUCCESS!

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trigger 10/02/2008 at 12:00 pm

I still want Ohio St to lose. I don’t care how obviously overrated they are, the media will always give them the benefit of the doubt. Now that it could (and most likely will) be a one loss race for the BCS, OSU is still being talked about as a NC contender. PLEASE just lose another game or two just to be on the safe side! No more buckeyes!

The Warblogler 10/02/2008 at 12:13 pm

Yes I hate them just like you but Wisconsin is going to be down down down, the red knight’s going down…sorry. They are going to be down after that last second loss to Michigan last week. OSU for the 8th time in 2 years has something to prove.

willheath 10/02/2008 at 1:06 pm

Just a quick note: Monterio Hardesty scored Tennessee’s touchdown, not Gerald Jones. And I think it’s fair to say Auburn’s defense struggled slightly with LSU’s offense in the second half.
No offense to anyone, just a few notes from a guy who actually watches football occasionally.


willheath 10/02/2008 at 1:07 pm

Also, the most recent “‘Bama’s Back” fiasco occurred in 2005, not 2006.
Good luck this weekend, everybody.


The Warblogler 10/02/2008 at 1:17 pm

Thanks…I actually thought it was Hardesty who scored but I was sitting about 140 yards away. Either way Gerald Jones ran all over us from the “G-Gun”.
Edit button here we come.

trigger 10/03/2008 at 1:47 pm

In yur perdiction of tenese and north ilnois U have a spelling eror. “there” should B “their”. U shud be a shamed.

The Warblogler 10/03/2008 at 1:55 pm

dang it sorry…are you related to the heaths?


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