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Week 2 Predictions

Last Week: 8-5
This Week: 6-3
Overall: 14-8


South Carolina at Vanderbilt – Vandy keeps this one close as the Gamecocks continue to struggle to find a consistent quarterback, but visor-magic will kick in late and give the ol’ ball coach another win.

South Carolina 31, Vanderbilt 17

Vanderbilt 24, South Carolina 17FAILURE


Central Michigan at Georgia – I’ve said it since preseason, they just aren’t THAT awesome, and the loss of another lineman doesn’t help. The shine continues to fade a little more this weekend. The ‘Dawgs won’t dominate.

Georgia 31, Central Michigan 21

Georgia 56, Central Michigan 17SUCCESS!

Norfolk State at Kentucky – This one will definitely be a shoot out from the st…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Kentucky 41, Norfolk State 3

Kentucky 38, Norfolk State 3 – SUCCESS!

Ole Miss at Wake Forest – The first SEC/ACC casualty…although Ole Miss looked a lot better than I thought they would last week against Memphis, this is not Memphis. The signs of a new system run by an idiot will begin to  show against a decent team.

Wake Forest 27, Ole Miss 13

Wake Forest 30, Ole Miss 28 – SUCCESS!

SE Louisiana at Mississippi StateIt can’t happen again will it? Not two losses to two small Louisiana schools two weeks in a row. Please Croom, don’t Croom yourself again. I don’t think he will.

Mississippi State 24, SE Lousiana 7

Mississippi State 34, SE Lousiana 10SUCCESS!

LA-Monroe at Arkansas – Petrino calls Saban this week to see how to beat those dang WarHawks, oh wait… The weaknesses were exposed last week and will be exploited this week.

LA-Monroe 28, Arkansas 17

Arkansas 28, LA-Monroe 27 – FAILURE

Miami at Florida – Jimmy Johns is unavable to deliver the goods to a young Miami team, so Florida dominates a team hindered by the lack of the usual gameday pick-me-up.

Florida 38, Miami 13

Florida 26, Miami 3 – SUCCESS!

Southern Miss at Auburn – Tuberville calls every coach in Alabama history to figure out how to beat those dang Golden Eagles, oh wait… Auburn finds it’s rhythm and scores early and often. The lack of another quaterback waiting in the wings will allow Chris Todd to settle in and throw all over the Golden Eagles with Ben Tate and Brad Lester scoring at least one TD a piece. Eric Smith will add one late as well. Kodi Burns will come in on certain situations as his leg continues to heal. Southern Miss will score a late TD on the 3rd-team defense to ruin the shutout.

Auburn 38, Southern Miss 7

Auburn 27, Southern Miss 13 – SUCCESS!

** Upset Special **

Tulane at Alabama – I have never hated Alabama more than I have this week. So…Tulane comes packed with a punch the size of Hurricane Gustav and knocks Alabama back to the ranks of teams beaten by teams that Auburn beats 34-0 with 400+ total yards, all while struggling to pass the ball. You are sooooo back ‘Bama.

Tulane 56, Alabama 3

Other Games That Might Tickle Your Fancy

West Virginia at East Carolina – Riding high off their win over Virginia Tech last week, East Carolina keeps it close against the Mountaineers, but a late Pat White TD gives ESPN’s darling the win.

West Virginia 31, East Carolina 24

East Carolina 24, West Virginia 3 – FAILURE

Wow there really aren’t that many good games this week.

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trigger 09/04/2008 at 3:22 pm

I think ECU upsets WVU and proves they’re one of the better teams in the country. I like your UGA pick. They allowed a FCS (D-1 AA) team to score 21 points last week. I think UGA’s weaknesses are becoming more obvious.

trigger 09/07/2008 at 3:12 am

Got the ECU pick. I’m pretty sure they’ll win the rest of their out of conference games too. NC St. and UVA? I doutb having taken care of UWV and VT that those will be problems. I also think that GT is ahead of schedule. With a lame ACC and a good looking Tech ball club I think that they have a great chance of taking the conference.


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