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Week 14 Predictions: It’s Championship Week

The regular season is over and I ended it with a high C, which is probably the best grade I’ve ever gotten. Week 13 wasn’t bad, but it brought down my average. I hate math.

This week: 4-3 (57.1%)
Last week: 8-3 (72.7%)
Overall: 111-34 (76.5%)

It’s Championship Week, which means the picking is gonna be tough. But I’ve done it all year, and it’s no time to start complaining now.


Conference USA Championship
New Mexico State at Liberty
– The Aggies are probably the true national champion of the season. Liberty is undefeated, and they already beat New Mexico State by 16 in Week 2, but that’s back when New Mexico State was losing to UMass. Since then, they have looked like a team that could knock of Michigan and Georgia with ease.

New Mexico State 31, Liberty 28

Liberty 49, New Mexico State 35 – FAILURE

Pac-12 Championship
Oregon vs. Washington
– Washington winning makes the playoff selections a little easier. But who wants easy? We want Bo Nix to win everything and prove the idiots that boo’d him out of Auburn even more wrong. Oregon big.

Oregon 38, Washington 20

Washington 34, Oregon 31 FAILURE


Big 12 Championship
Oklahoma State vs. Texas
– The Longhorns have been living off that win over Alabama all year. I mean, I’ll take it, but what else have they done? Oklahoma State lost badly to South Alabama, has three losses, and is being projected to play in the Texas Bowl against 6-win teams. I love the Big 12.

Texas 34, Oklahoma State 28

Texas 49, Oklahoma State 21 – SUCCESS!

AAC Championship
SMU vs. Tulane
– I am really sick of this Tulane schtick. They beat a bunch of high schools, almost lose to Rice, East Carolina, and Tulsa, but we just gotta rank them somewhere between 22-24 by default. It’s a waste of a spot for a team that should’ve won the Iron Bowl. You know what I’m saying? Rhett Lashlee by a million.

SMU 38, Tulane 14

SMU 26, Tulane 14 – SUCCESS!

SEC Championship
Georgia vs. Alabama
– Neither team is what they want you to believe they always are. They have both gotten better, but one beat Auburn by 7 and one beat Auburn by 3, and you know Auburn is terrible, so wow these teams sure have taken a step down. Alabama deserves to win less, so Georgia will finally beat them in Georgia.

Georgia 31, Alabama 27

Alabama 27, Georgia 24 – FAILURE

Big Ten Championship
Michigan vs. Iowa – You couldn’t pay me to watch Iowa score -3 points while Jim Harbaugh yells at a referee up 45 points in pleated khakis.

Michigan 48, Iowa 3

Michigan 26, Iowa 0 – SUCCESS!

ACC Championship
Louisville vs. Florida State
– The Cardinals have had a very surprisingly good season, but given their loss to mediocre Kentucky last week, it may have been propped up with a weak ACC schedule. You could somewhat say the same for Florida State, who is definitely not the same team after the loss of the quarterback, but they were still able to muster up a win over Florida, who was killed by Kentucky, who just beat Louisville. What does it mean? Probably that Florida State will squeak out another win.

Florida State 27, Louisville 20

Florida State 16, Louisville 6 – SUCCESS!

Now that you know who will win, head on over to the 2023 War Blogle Pick ’em and get your picks in. There will be weekly prizes and an overall winner at the end of the season. It’s easy. Do it.

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