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Week 10 Predictions: Separation Saturday

That’s how you do Week 9, Blogle. That was 1993 perfection. 2004 perfection. 2010 perfection. All in one.

This week: 7-3 (70.0%)
Last week:
7-0 (100.0%)
Overall: 80-26 (75.5%)

As easy as I made last week look, this week could make me look equally dumb. Nearly all of them are toss-ups that will make or break some seasons.


Arkansas at Florida – One team is floundering. One team plays in the SEC East so they don’t look like they are floundering, but they pretty much are. Arkansas is even more not good, though.

Florida 38, Arkansas 13

Arkansas 39, Florida 36 – FAILURE

Texas A&M at Ole Miss – This one is interesting. Ole Miss is probably not as good as their record. Texas A&M is probably not as bad as their record. Ole Miss plays good offense. Texas A&M plays good defense. Defense wins.

Texas A&M 28, Ole Miss 24

Ole Miss 38, Texas A&M 35 – FAILURE

Jacksonville State at South Carolina – We got some gamecock-on-gamecock action here. Jacksonville State hasn’t played on a Saturday since like 8 years ago. Not really, but it feels like it. They are probably better than South Carolina, but can they go in to that city stadium that rivals Legion Field and win? Probably not.

South Carolina 34, Jacksonville State 17

South Carolina 38, Jacksonville State 28 – SUCCESS!

UConn at Tennessee – It’s always a good one when the ladies lace it up and play a little round ball. What’s that? This is… oh. Tennessee big.

Tennessee 48, UConn 7

Tennessee 59, UConn 3 – SUCCESS!

Missouri at Georgia – I like that Missouri is finally playing a team that should kill them, but knowing this year’s Georgia they’ll likely make the Tigers look alright.

Georgia 31, Missouri 21

Georgia 30, Missouri 21 – SUCCESS!

Kentucky at Mississippi State – The Wildcats have lost 3 in a row. Will it continue in Starkville? Eh, this is one of those where I let my want override logic, isn’t it? Fine, let’s do it. Maroons win.

Mississippi State 17, Kentucky 14

Kentucky 24, Mississippi State 3 – FAILURE

LSU at Alabama – IT’S THE SUPER BOWL TO END ALL WORLD HUNGER PART XXXIV. LSU is better, and I wouldn’t call them elite, but some Tuscaloosa-based ref is gonna make a call that turns it for the Tide.

Alabama 31, LSU 28

Alabama 42, LSU 28 – SUCCESS!

Auburn at Vanderbilt – Check back later for my prediction in the game preview, but SPOILER ALERT: nerds never win.

Auburn 42, Vanderbilt 17

Auburn 31, Vanderbilt 15 – SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State – Don’t look now but there are only 3 losses combined with these teams. I guess it’s as good year for the Cowboys. Oklahoma just lost to Kansas and surely Oklahoma State wants to send their brothers to the SEC with a sour taste.

Oklahoma State 35, Oklahoma 31

Oklahoma State 27, Oklahoma 24 – SUCCESS!

Washington at USC – The Trojans are faltering. The Huskies have been scared but are unscathed. It feels like one where USC wins a home game. Nevermind, they play in front of 50 fans.

Washington 48, USC 28

Washington 52, USC 42 – SUCCESS!

Now that you know who will win, head on over to the 2023 War Blogle Pick ’em and get your picks in. There will be weekly prizes and an overall winner at the end of the season. It’s easy. Do it.

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