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Gameday Tweets – Georgia

  • GAMEDAY BABBBBYYYYYYY!!!!! #auburn #wareagle
  • RT @wareaglereader Ultimate “payback-the-blackout” psyche out: Trotter gets named starter, takes two snaps, Cam comes in on third down, Jordan-Hare explodes.
  • Almost ran over 50 people on the way to campus. Almost took part in 4 car wrecks…at 9:30. Does that tell you how big this game is?
  • RT @AUHD That’s right…it’s Game Day in Auburn! #wareagle
  • “SEC is slow” sign at Gameday. That guy is slow.
  • This is a great week for the Blogle. RT @evadedave @WarBlogle this isn’t a good week for the Blogle.
  • Just heard a serious UGA fan convo. Apparently, Georgia has the better talent and it’s not even close. #drunkalready #auburn
  • RT @The_Corner_News Ganked from someone’s FB. Auburn fan in Idaho for the Boise game! #WarEagle
  • Coolest dog ever. Woof Eagle! #auburn #wareagle
  • The spread, including smoked butt and chicken. #auburn #wareagle
  • RT @BIGICE57 I can feel it in the air!! Can’t wait to see the support of the AU family in Jordan-Hare for my last home game WDE
  • RT @PhillyLutz43 Is grabbing a TD today..I can feel it…its a luuuck!!! War damn
  • RT @YoungMikeB66 I hear u Corso talkin good bout that AU offensive line
  • Some dude with big arms picks UGA. Corso and Herbie pick Auburn. #gameday #ESPN
  • Your winners today: Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, LSU, Alabama, Florida, Auburn.
  • RT @AuburnRivals Source confirms to that the NCAA met with Cecil Newton, his wife and Cam Newton Thursday in Auburn.
  • Waiting on you… RT @QuentinGroves52 Finally headed out to tailgate…remember I’m crashing today!! So have me a plate ready!!
  • RT @TZAC81AU: Headed to the stadium..last time in Jordan-Hare this is bout to be #epic
  • RT @BIGICE57 Headed to my last tiger walk in AU bitter sweet. I know its gone be stupid LIVE
  • Cam Newton participated in Tiger Walk. #auburn #wareagle
  • He’s playing. Sorry Bullpups. #auburn #wareagle
  • Wayyy too nice. RT @peggyrossmanith Girl in UGA shirt with the Bama face tattoos. You are not welcome in this section. Please sit elsewhere.
  • Cam Newton announced as starter, Georgia fans leave.
  • RT @wareaglereader An unnamed source tells TWER that we’re going to kick Georgia’s ass.
  • The Georgia fan behind me has said “$200,000” no less than 200,000 times.
  • Gametime. #auburn #wareagle
  • Mike Dyer breaks Bo’s record, Bo gives him a hug on the sideline. Chillbumps on top of chillbumps. #wareagle
  • Auburn 49, Georgia 31. Auburn wins the West!!! #wareagle
  • ELEVEN AND OH!! ELEVEN AND OH!! E-LEV-EN AND OHHHH!! #auburn #wareagle
  • Good to meet @war7eagle and @griffingulledge at Reverse Tiger Walk last night. #auburn #wareagle
  • You were saying? RT @kbdawgfan @warblogle cam who? aj green baby!!
  • New Blogle: Georgia Review (abridged) #auburn #wareagle #sec
  • Fear. RT @InTheBleachers I’m watching the elation on Cam Newton’s face & wondering why so many folks are hoping that he did something wrong.
  • Where did you play? Ohhh that’s right… RT @davidpollack47 Honestly Fairley cld get suspended for some of these actions.
  • RT @QuentinGroves52 Call us what u want but call us SEC WEST CHAMPS!!!!! WDE
  • Just accept the loss. T @davidpollack47 Remember the Miss State player got suspended for less than what Fairley has down tonight.
  • RT @aufreshprince Sec west is all ours!!! War damn!!
  • Better. RT @davidpollack47 If you asked me to pick between Cam Newton& Tim Tebow for my offense it’s no contest. Cam is a out of this world.
  • RT @auburnbeat Gene Chizik: “I couldn’t be happier for our fans, our Auburn Family. That stadium was electric.”
  • RT @DrSaturday Auburn converted 10 of 14 third downs. By my count, all 10 were Cam Newton runs.
  • RT @AuburnWins3020 “@bulldogsblog: UGA LB Justin Houston on Cam Newton: ‘He’s human. Me personally I didn’t think he was that special.'”
  • Raisin’ em right. RT @craasher @WarBlogle my 5 yr old didn’t want his grill cheese I made him after the game cause I made it with Bama Mayo.
  • Welcome to last Thursday. RT @Andy_Staples Solicitation of benefits by a prospective athlete or individual on his behalf not allowed by NCAA
  • RT @wareagleextra It has probably already been mentioned, but Gene Chizik is 19-5 in two years at Auburn after going 5-19 at Iowa State.
  • RT @AUAthletics Toomer’s Corner
  • RT @PhillyLutz43 Got 2 for ya today Grandma! SEC west CHAMPS!!!!
  • RT @Z_Etheridge4 WDE way to go out on my last home game on the season Love you guys! 11-0 #ontothenextone!
  • RT @Fosicks And that’s how the WEST was won!!!! #WDE
  • RT @greggdoyelcbs Congrats to Cam Newton and Auburn. Been on road … how did Mullen and Meyer do tonight? :)
  • Who doesn’t? RT @keljackson91 I have a crush on @WarBlogle
  • Uhhhh… Ummm… RT @alhurricane @warblogle how are the talking heads going to explain the TCU and Oregon games?
  • RT @wesbyrum Thanks for all the love, auburn fans are great! SEC West champs!!!
  • Seconded. RT @AubOrange Really hoping @AUHD can upload that awesome finale video somewhere.
  • RT @SportsCenter Auburn will play South Carolina in SEC title game on December 4 in Atlanta
  • Yes, I believe. RT @matthamil @WarBlogle Any idea on SEC champ. game tickets? Will general public have a shot?
  • RT @AubOrange Today Cam was 12 for 15 passing. One was dropped, one was tipped (and picked), and the third was thrown away out of bounds.
  • RT @megbranch Cool pic of the flyover :). War Eagle!
  • RT @BCSKnowHow Projected #BCS: 1. Oregon 2. Auburn. 3. TCU 4. Boise St. 5. LSU 6. Stanford 7. Nebraska 8. Wisconsin:
  • Welcome to last Thursday to your follower. RT @Andy_Staples @WarBlogle I was answering a follower’s question. Not calling it breaking news.
  • 11-0 and all is right. War Damn Eagle and goodnight! #bedtimepoetry #auburn #wareagle

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