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The Auburn Tigers’ Next Quarterback?

The Auburn Tigers are currently in the market for a new quarterback to bolster the team and compete with Robby Ashford. The Tigers have some big upcoming changes thanks to new head coach Hugh Freeze, who has joined for the 2023 season. Since arriving, Freeze has stated that while he’s excited to work with Ashford, he will be hoping to bring in a new quarterback if the right talent is available on the portal.

Along with mentioning Ashford, Freeze stated that he was “excited” to work with some of the other athletes in the quarterback room, including TJ Finley and Holden Geriner, both of whom are presently on the roster and have previous experience playing the position. Hank Brown, a three-star quarterback from Nashville, Tennessee’s Lipscomb Academy, has also recently joined the group.

“If it’s the right one that we believe we can win games with,” Freeze said on bringing in a new player. “We’ve gone back and forth on our rankings of them, and we’re kind of looking at that list right now and in conversations with the next man up. Hopefully, we’ll get the right one.”

Depending on which player they choose, this new addition won’t necessarily be an instant starter for the Tigers. Ashford is still performing well, but a new coach and playing scheme could lead to challenges. Hopefully, bringing in a new quarterback will provide the right level of competition to elevate the team. You can enjoy betting on Auburn sports at Betway, including all of the Tigers’ upcoming games. Below are some of the potential names that might join the team.

Michael Pratt

Michael Pratt is one of the latest names in the discussion when talking about potential quarterback signings for the Tigers. Currently, Pratt plays for Tulane Green Wave and just helped his side win the Cotton Bowl against the USC Trojans. He’s been described as a very efficient and accurate thrower and could be a great addition to the Tigers. Before the season has was named as a candidate for the 2022 Maxwell Award and has great stats.

Right now, he’s not listed on the portal, but that could change now there’s more interest in his talents. At only a junior, Pratt still has time to develop, but he could easily prove to be a great addition to the Tigers’ roster. Playing in the Cotton Bowl, Pratt was a major difference in his side’s win. Although his completion rate was low, he threw 234 yards and two touchdowns.

Brennan Armstrong

Armstrong was entered into the portal at the beginning of December, and he would be a great option for the Tigers. The 23-year-old currently plays for the Virginia Cavaliers and is his side’s all-time passing yards leader with 9,034. That puts him more than 1,000 yards ahead of the second closest.

The one thing potentially holding Armstrong back from a big move is that this season he hasn’t been nearly as prolific as his junior season. As a junior, he has a fantastic touchdown to interception ratio of 3:1, while this season, his passing yards fell by nearly half.


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