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Top 10 American Football Players Who Started Their Careers in College

The path of many players was quite thorny. Nevertheless, they overcame physical barriers, improved themselves, and paved the way to the top despite thousands of competitors. What’s more, most famous athletes started their journey in college, which gave them time to master many skills. Here are ten famous American football players who started their careers in college!

1.  Brandon Weeden

Brandon Weeden is a good example of how perseverance and creativity know no bounds. This guy decided to start with college baseball but quickly realized that American football was his number one passion. In 2002, he showed all American coaches what a student with huge athletic ambitions is.

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2.  Ziggy Ansah

Ziggy Ansah is an example of a person who does not stop for a second in search of sports success. This guy started playing soccer in college and even considered a basketball career. But American football became his passion, and the guy decided to go all the way. That is why his path in college was marked by good football success. Since 2013, he has become quite popular in America due to his athletic talent.

3.  Dennis Pitta

This guy became a real star in 2010, showing what students can do if the coach believes in their success. Starting his way to the top of his sports career from college, he was able to become a talented athlete who sows panic among opponents. By the way, his tactical actions on the field are quite spontaneous, which is the merit of his first coach. As a result, many opponents do not have time to unravel Pitta’s plans, which helps his teammates.

4.  Jim Leonard

The world of American football learned about Jim Leonard in 2005. Then this young star was beginning his brilliant career. As a college student, Jim Leonard showed extraordinary tactical and physical abilities, allowing him to stand out from the crowd and become a popular favorite.

5.  Daryl Washington

Daryl Washington is one of the most diligent athletes, ready to fight to the last breath. This guy started his career as a college student. From the first training, he showed that his style of sports thinking is extraordinary. In 2010, this approach to sports allowed him to start playing and winning prestigious tournaments. This guy has done a gigantic job since college to become the best athlete of our time.

6.  Santana Moss

Here’s another guy whose impressive career dates back to college. In 1997, he showed what he was capable of for the first time. Since then, Santana Moss has become one of the most tactically intelligent athletes whose speed and athletic intelligence have baffled opponents. That is why he was able to achieve impressive sports heights.

7.  Jordy Nelson

Jordy Nelson broke into American football in 2007 thanks to the talent he showed in college. This guy always knew how to get a positive result no matter what happened. That is why he was never afraid of difficulties. Modern students should follow his example. But get ready to train day and night to achieve athletic success. You may even need academic help to be able to get away from the college routine. Check out the speedy paper review for writing services you can trust.

8.  Logan Mankins

Logan Mankins is a guy who has always caused fear in opponents. His strength and speed of reaction often baffled his opponents. In 2005, he made a rapid breakthrough thanks to the college team and was able to become popular. In particular, this guy showed results that are not available to many athletes even today. The first college team helped this guy create a good athletic foothold.

9.  Clay Matthews

Here’s another example of how starting on a college football team gives athletes a chance at a good career. Clay Matthews was able to start in 2009 and surprise all the football scouts successfully. This guy is strong enough to counter any opponent on the field effectively. That is why Clay Matthews has become popular among American football fans.

10.  J.J. Watt

J.J. Watt has been on the road to athletic success for a long time. His path has been quite rocky since college time. Fortunately, Fortune smiled at him in 2011. He was able to decide on football prospects and became someone loved by millions of fans. However, the college gave him the will to win and the realization that difficulties are temporary, but the result is eternal.

Final Words

All ten above athletes started the path to glory thanks to college teams. At the same time, all of them were able to reach a new level and become popular football players. Diligence and unbending will to win motivated them to continue their path no matter what. You may also be successful if you are diligent enough to play on a college team.

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