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How Much Do Junior Basketball Referees Get Paid 

Basketball is among the most favorite and commonly played sports around the globe. According to Statista, over the last decade, more than 20 million people have been playing this game in the United States every year. 

Overall, Basketball is a recreational activity widely played by college students and teenagers. Later on, the elite players among them get the chance to become a part of the National Basketball Association (NBA). According to a 2020 study from NCCA, only in 2019, 1.2% of 18,816 male high school athletes made it to the NBA. As for women, 0.8% of 16,509 basketball players got the opportunity to play in the WNBA.

But the popularity of Basketball is not only limited to the borders of the United States. Based on the data provided by Sports Brief, the Philippines, Australia, and Canada are the next three leading regions with the biggest Basketball fanbases. 

Such demand for basketball games couldn’t pass unnoticed near online betting as well. Today, you can see many bookies and quick payout casinos platforms that feature betting options for NBA matches along with other sports events. So, you can easily engage in your beloved pastime, even from home, without the need to go to the stadium.

But what about basketball referees? How much do they earn, and how to become a professional referee? Let’s find out together.

The Salary of a Basketball Referee 

Based on the data from, as of November 27, 2023, the average hourly rate for a junior Basketball referee in the US is $18. It is almost $38,190 annually. However, the salary range normally falls between $15 and $22, somewhere between $31,445 and $46,529 in a year. 

These numbers are not fixed and can differ greatly depending on a diversity of factors, such as educational background, additional skills, certifications, experience, and so on. As such, there is a real possibility for development and advancement that can lead to a pay increase based on your skill level, track record, and location. You can also take a look at 2023 NBA Finals Futures Odds & Predictions in the same way

The Top Highest Paying Cities for Basketball Referee Position 

Wonder which cities are the heaven for junior Basketball referees with the highest-paying rates? Then we have got you covered. 

Below, we highlighted the top 10 cities in the USA where the general salary for a Referee job is above the national average. Let’s have a look!

City Name Average Hourly Rate Average Yearly Salary
Berkeley, CA $23.26 $48,372
Bailey’s Crossroads, VA $22.07 $45,909
Daly City, CA $22.01 $45,780
San Mateo, CA $21.35 $44,398
Irvine, CA $21.29 $44,291
Orange, CA $21.19 $44,078
Richmond, CA  $21.19 $44,078
Tacoma, WA $21.14 $43,968
Chaska, MN $21.10 $43,897
Oxnard, CA $20.97 $43,612

How to Become a Basketball Referee

As you already have a general idea of the average rate of Basketball referees, it’s time to discover what you need to do in order to become one yourself. Actually, there are multiple ways you can take into account to achieve your dream. These cover:

  • Getting a High School Diploma: The most straightforward and apparent option is, of course, earning a school diploma. It is the minimum requirement for a Basketball referee job at all league levels. Becoming a referee’s assistant or a student manager at this stage can also become a valuable experience.
  • Taking The Position of A High School Referee: Just get in touch with your local or state association for high school athletics. In order to be qualified for a certified high school Basketball referee job, you first need to pass both a floor test and a written rules exam. The first one helps to judge your performance during practical gameplay. In addition, you may be required to attend an interview along with some background checks.
  • Participating in Training: You will be able to get complete training as a referee once you manage to pass all the previous tests. Depending on the requirements of your state and city, the training for Basketball referees will consist of in-person or online training, plus monitoring from veteran officials from your region.
  • Applying for College Referee Jobs: To become a referee for tournaments at the college level, you just need to register with the NCAA. Simply submit a CV and clips of games you have refereed during your experience. A background check, testing, and in-person can also be part of your application.
  • Becoming a Professional Referee: Trying out for the NBA can be your shortest way to a professional Basketball referee position. But in order to get there, you first need to try your skills for the G League of the NBA or minor league. Here, your experience and expertise are the key aspects that determine whether the organization selects you among other contestants.

Also, don’t forget to always learn and get some new skills, even after becoming a professional referee. It’s because, like any other profession, Basketball referees as well require hard work and dedication.

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