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5 Benefits of Having a Lightning Detection System for Sports Fields

When you think of lightning, the type that hits the ground is probably what comes to mind. That type of lightning is called cloud-to-ground lightning. It’s the type of lightning that is usually responsible for injuries and damages, but this type of lightning only makes up about 20 percent of all lightning.

The other type of lightning is called in-cloud. These lightning strikes go from cloud to cloud. Although they aren’t as dangerous to people as cloud-to-ground lightning, they are indicative of more severe weather. Having a lightning detection system for sports fields, such as golf course lightning detection systems, that track both types of lightning offers many benefits.

Protect Athletes and Visitors from Dangerous Weather Conditions

A lightning strike tracker that offers real-time weather conditions at your sports field can help you get people to safety quicker. Even indoor sports fields have to be aware of severe weather to keep athletes and coaches safe.

Eliminate Stress Around Weather-Related Decisions

Outdoor facilities often get criticized for being overly cautious about cancelling games or practice. However, if bad weather strikes and you did nothing, your facility could be liable for much worse. These decisions can be stressful, which is why you need advanced weather data to make the best decisions.

Monitor Factors Which Affect Grounds-keeping Activities

Lightning strike detection and mapping systems also help you maximize the time spent on grounds-keeping. You can know when to call the crew in or even have them stay at home.

Real-time Weather Data to Protect Equipment

Knowing when severe weather will hit your facility allows you to bring in equipment and keep it safe during high winds or heavy rains.

Unbiased Decisions About Weather

Every sports facility has had to make tough calls about weather. Having a lightning safety policy that depends on automated weather data instead of one or two people ensures that the decisions are unbiased.

For more information about lightning detection on sports fields, contact us and learn how meteorological services can safeguard your facility and your athletes.



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