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Top 4 PDF Compressor Apps for Android

It is difficult to send a huge PDF file, for example, if you need to send 30 PDF as in most mailing options only let you attach 25 MB of files. Now it is best to use the PDF compressor. The best PDF compressor online will optimize and reduce the size of the file and make it easy for you to send the online attached file as the user can easily decompress the online file and use it for future use, it is completely safe for the user and the receiver of the file.

These PDF file compressor apps automatically remove and eliminate the regular images and the content and make the file size in reasonable proportion to make it viable to send online, this would become more necessary when you are accessing the documents via your Android phone, these compress PDF documents are easy to transfer from one device to another and make it easy for us to share the documents, and to share the important information on the network.

iLove PDF:

The iLovePDF has a simple interface with tiles for each PDF function you want to use. It simply does not provide you the option of to compress PDF file, it also allows to merge and split PDF files, it also helps to change the digitally signed in PDF documents. You can easily convert the PDF format to the JPG format, which would make the work much easier for the user. The iLovePDF is using a cloud-based solution to provide the user with the best of the service. You can select the PDF file format and you can easily upload it to the server where the actual compression would be done. You can use the PDF reducer online if you are using the internet. At the normal speed of the internet, the iLovePDF normally takes around 2 minutes and 58 seconds to upload a text file. The PDF reducer online makes it possible to reduce the size of the PDF file and this makes it easy to transfer the file.

ALLPDF Reader:

The quick compression of the file in less than 3 seconds to compress a file. It is used on the local machine to compress PDF files, the ALLPDF Reader would reduce the size of the file up to 91 % and make it around 1.9 MB, which is easier for you to send the file over the internet. If you are in search of an online PDF compressed solution, then ALL PDF Reader is the best solution for the compress PDF file, the fast compression of the ALL PDF Reader is quite amazing.

For desktop best PDF compressor online, you could visit for ease of PDF file compression.

PDF compressor:

PDF compressor is a single-purpose app and a complete solution to your problems, It uses the cloud-based solution of the compress PDF file, but its speed is a little bit slower, and even takes couple of minutes to proceed with PDF compression. It is the best PDF compressor online, providing more PDF functions for the user to enjoy all types of compression. It works best with text-heavy files as compared to image files.

PDF Utils:

The PDF Utils is one of the most reliable options to compress PDF files, it uses offline PDF compression like the ALLPDF Reader. It is a lightning-fast PDF compression software. It only takes around 3 seconds to compress a PDF file. The PDF Utlis can be used for the larger PDFs file and it is more reliable to compress these larger files with ease, you can rely on the speed of the PDF and the PDF Utlis when using it to compress PDF file.

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