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Week 13 Predictions: It’s Wivalwy Week

Two weeks of 67% in a row, like I said last week, is passing. Also, I got a PERFECT PICK on the Auburn game, so that’s all that matters.

Last week: 8-4 (66.7%)
This week: 5-6 (45.4%)
Overall: 88-49 (64.2%)

It’s Wivalwy Week, which means a lot of guessing. The SEC East and all their non-conference rivalry games have got to go, though.


Mississippi State at Ole Miss – This will be… fun? Nothing else to think about but two teams that really don’t like each other. That’s it. Nothing else. They both love offense. Mississippi State plays better defense, and I’m gonna say the Rebs have a few other things on their minds. This one will be stupid either way.

Mississippi State 38, Ole Miss 31

Mississippi State 24, Ole Miss 22 – SUCCESS!


Arkansas at Missouri – The Hawgs started over-hyped, got sent down to Earth, won a few more games, and are a prime team to beat Missouri. But it’s at home and Missouri really isn’t as bad as people wanted them to be because Auburn beat them.

Arkansas 34, Missouri 24

Missouri 29, Arkansas 27 – FAILURE

Florida at Florida State – I know why it’s a rivalry, but it’s the most blah end of the season game there is. I don’t think people in Florida really care. Everybody else is playing meaningful, tough, conference games, and then you have these two just playing in some rainy slop for nothing. It should be a decent matchup this year, though.

Florida 17, Florida State 14

Florida State 45, Florida 38 – FAILURE


Georgia Tech at Georgia – What I just said about Florida-Florida State rings true here as well, minus the decent matchup part.

Georgia 35, Georgia Tech 7

Georgia 37, Georgia Tech 14 – SUCCESS!

South Carolina at Clemson – The ‘Cocks are all cocky again. I mean, I’m very thankful and happy for what they did to Tennessee, but let’s slow down. Clemson is a very pedestrian 10-1 team, but being at home and somewhat playing for a playoff spot is going to hold more weight the Gamecocks thinking 63 points happens just because they want it to.

Clemson 34, South Carolina 17

South Carolina 31, Clemson 30 – FAILURE

Louisville at Kentucky – The Wildcats are 6-5. What a special season. Louisville’s basketball team is terrible, so this is the only way they’ll get a win over Kentucky this season. Won’t happen. 7-4 in the ACC is like 3-8 in the SEC.

Kentucky 28, Louisville 17

Kentucky 26, Louisville 13 – SUCCESS!

LSU at Texas A&M – Auburn’s combined score against these two teams was Them 31, Auburn 30. LSU is in the playoff hunt, the Aggies were preseason #6. That’s weird right? Nothing to do with this game, but there’s nothing interesting about Texas A&M losing their 8th game.

LSU 31, Texas A&M 13

Texas A&M 38, LSU 23 – FAILURE

Tennessee at Vanderbilt – The Volunteers are done, and like Auburn, the Commodores have found some new life and are playing with confidence. There might be 1000 more Vandy fans. It’s gonna be special. But I’m not wasting the upset on them this week.

Tennessee 35, Vanderbilt 21

Tennessee 56, Vanderbilt 0 – SUCCESS!

Auburn at Alabama – Check back later for my prediction in the game preview, but SPOILER ALERT: house money.

Auburn 27, Alabama 25

Alabama 49, Auburn 27 – FAILURE

Other Games of Note

Michigan at Ohio State – This Top 3 matchup has been building all year, and… I haven’t really heard a thing about it. Has college football excitement waned, or do people realize that undefeated Big Ten records don’t mean much nationally? Probably both. Both teams have looked good and also very beatable by bad teams. Home team wins.

Ohio State 27, Michigan 24

Michigan 45, Ohio State 23 – FAILURE

Notre Dame at USC – The Irish started off pretty bad, and now they are 8-3 and #15. Of course most of that ranking comes from their name. USC has one loss and is very much in play for the playoffs. It won’t be close.

USC 38, Notre Dame 10

USC 38, Notre Dame 27 – SUCCESS!

Now that you know who will win, head on over to the 2022 War Blogle Pick ’em and get your picks in. There will be weekly prizes and an overall winner at the end of the season. It’s easy. Do it.

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