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Week 14 Predictions: Championship Week

Not a great one last week, but that’s expected for a rivalry week. It was almost good, but then it wasn’t.

Last week: 6-5 (54.5%)
This week: 4-4 (50.0%)
Overall: 100-46 (68.5%)

This is technically considered the regular season, but it’s not. These are money games. Some are stupid. A few are necessary.


Oregon vs. Utah (Pac-12 Championship) – Remember when was the Back-to-Back Pac-12 Transitive Champions? We will return to glory. Utah has already destroyed Oregon, which will be hard to do, but they will. Cristobal is already heading to Tuscaloosa to replace Saban.

Utah 31, Oregon 13

Utah 38, Oregon 10 – SUCCESS!


Baylor vs. Oklahoma State (Big 12 Championship) – I am 100% pulling for the Cowboys to win it all this year. Second best uniforms in college football. Kinda of the Auburn of the Big 12. Do it, black and orange.

Oklahoma State 38, Baylor 31

Baylor 21, Oklahoma State 16 – FAILURE

Utah State vs. San Diego State (Mountain West Championship) – They’ll just let anybody play a championship game these days, won’t they?

San Diego State 27, Utah State 10

Utah State 46, San Diego State 13 – FAILURE

Appalachian State vs. Louisiana-Lafayette (Sun Belt Championship) – Billy Napier used to eat gators, now he’s gonna be one. He is being noble and staying around to coach, but that doesn’t work well usually. But it’s App State…

Louisiana-Lafayette 31, App State 17

Louisiana-Lafayette 24, App State 16 – SUCCESS!

Alabama vs. Georgia (SEC Championship) – The last thing we need is this game played again in a month, so we’re pulling for Alabama to lose. We’re not pulling for Georgia to win. We’re pulling for Alabama to lose. They aren’t good, so they will lose.

Georgia 27, Alabama 17

Alabama 41, Georgia 24 – FAILURE

Houston vs. Cincinnati (American Athletic Championship) – Houston lost the first game of the season (against Texas Tech) and haven’t lost a game since. That’s right, they are 11-1. They are semi-formidable opponent for the Bearcats are just in this thing by default. I mean, let’s be real people. It should be about the grind, not just the record. They have no grind. They will lose to make a lot of this easier. Wait, them losing probably brings Alabama into the Playoffs no matter what happens in their game. LET’S GO CINCY! BIG BEARCATS FAN OVER HERE!

Cincinnati 34, Houston 17

Cincinnati 35, Houston 20 – SUCCESS!

Michigan vs. Iowa (Big Ten Championship) – The Wolverines have sorta turned into something. Iowa thought they were something and then became Iowa. Michigan is playing to say #2. They’ll win.

Michigan 38, Iowa 14

Michigan 42, Iowa 3 – SUCCESS!

Pittsburgh vs. Wake Forest (ACC Championship) – My gosh. That’s all I can say. My gosh.

Wake Forest 31, Pittsburgh 28

Pittsburgh 45, Wake Forest 21 – FAILURE

Now that you know who will win, head on over to the 2021 War Blogle Pick ’em and get your picks in. There will be weekly prizes and an overall winner at the end of the season. It’s easy. Do it.

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