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Ranking the SEC After Week 5

When it’s SEC season, there will be movement. Boy, is there movement. We have teams falling fast. We have teams moving up after losses? What are you doing, Blogle?


1. Georgia (5-0)

The #DWAGs did what we all wanted and expected them to do with the exposed, and overranked Hawgs.

(Last week: #1, beat Arkansas 37-0)

2. Alabama (5-0)

Most people gave up on this game after the 1st half, but 42-21 against Lane when he was literally just playing around? Sus…

(Last week: #2, beat Ole Miss 42-21)

3. Auburn (4-1)

Auburn’s lone loss was to currently #3 Penn State by a touchdown on the road. They are better than LSU and beat them.

(Last week: #3, beat LSU 24-19)

4. Kentucky (5-0)

They are not this good.

(Last week: #9, beat Florida 20-13)

5. Arkansas (4-1)

Told you, but too many other SEC teams have two losses now, so they’re still up here by default.

(Last week: #5, lost at Georgia 37-0)

6. Ole Miss (3-1)

Told you, but too many other SEC teams have two losses now, so they’re still up here by default.

(Last week: #6, lost at Alabama 42-21)

7. LSU (3-2)

The Tigahs moved up a spot? Of course. The 3rd best team in the SEC only beat them by five points, so they are elite.

(Last week: #8, lost to Auburn 24-19)

8. Florida (3-2)

Remember when Alabama beating them in a close game was a monumental achievement?

(Last week #4, lost at Kentucky 20-13)

9. Mississippi State (3-2)

The Maroons should probably be 4-1 including a close loss to LSU, but I’m not giving them too much credit for beating…

(Last week: #10: beat Texas A&M 26-22)

10. Texas A&M (3-2)

…the Aggies have not been good all season. They are worse without their starting quarterback. Just glad that Mike Leach could expose that AT College Station.

(Last week: #7, lost to Mississippi State 26-22)

11. Tennessee (3-2)

Where did that come from? Beating Missouri is not too surprising, but destroying Missouri after the way the Vols have played all season is the shock of the season so far.

(Last week: #13, beat Missouri 62-24)

12. South Carolina (3-2)

The Gamecocks have kinda floundered around not looking good, but not looking terrible, and I think that’s gonna wear off soon. Troy is not good and this win was too tough.

(Last week: #11, beat Troy 23-14)

13. Missouri (2-3)

You have one more chance to not be #14.

(Last week: #12, lost to Tennessee 62-24)

14. Vanderbilt (2-3)

The Dores have two wins. The Dores have two last second field goal wins by the kicker that doinked the potential tying field goal against Auburn in 2019.

(Last week: #14, beat UConn 30-28)

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