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Ranking the SEC After Week 3

Big moves. BIG moves, folks. Teams aren’t that good. Some teams are maybe better than you thought, but they are still not that good. Take a look at where teams stand in these super scientific rankings.


1. Georgia (3-0)

The Bulldogs haven’t had much trouble in any game. The only one that was close was against Clemson and it seems they’ve fixed those offensive issues. Sadly, they seem to be the most complete team right now.

(Last week #2: beat South Carolina 40-13)

2. Alabama (3-0)

Alabama is beatable. They are normal. Right now they are just an above average team with their own issues. They were a missed XP away from overtime with a very one-dimensional Florida.

(Last week #1: beat Florida 31-29)

3. Auburn (2-1)

A win at Penn State may have vaulted them to #1, but a close loss on the road in a hostile environment does not warrant any kind of dropping.

(Last week #3: lost at Penn State 28-20)

4. Ole Miss (3-0)

The Rebels are scoring a million points against bad teams. It’s about time they get in the SEC schedule and resume their rightful position, but it’s hard to keep them down right now.

(Last week #4: beat Tulane 61-21)

5. Florida (2-1)

The Gators had a chance to knock off Alabama while also not appearing to know how to pass the ball. This says a lot more about Alabama than it does Florida.

(Last week #8: lost to Alabama 31-29)

6. Texas A&M (3-0)

I am still not buying into Texas A&M at all, especially given they are stuck with their backup QB for a few more weeks, and their 10-7 win over Colorado looks way worse now that Minnesota beat the Buffaloes 30-0 this past week.

(Last week #6: beat New Mexico 34-0)

7. Arkansas (3-0)

If there’s any overhype leftover from Texas A&M, the Razorbacks have received it all. They are living off a win over Texas that means nothing. They trailed at the half to Rice. Texas is not back. They went three-and-out five times against Georgia Southern. I am going to say this as long as they keep getting love. Oh, and they play Texas A&M this week, so somebody’s love isn’t going away just yet. And a close game means both will continue to receive undue praise. Stop the insanity.

(Last week #7: beat Georgia Southern 45-10)

8. LSU (2-1)

Ok, the corndogs did beat Central Michigan much easier than I thought they would, but those 21 points are still suspect.

(Last week #9: beat Central Michigan 49-21)

9. Mississippi State (2-1)

The Maroons should probably still be 3-0 considering the huge officiating gaffe in their loss to Memphis, but I’m not sure that makes them very good.

(Last week #10: lost at Memphis 31-29)

10. Kentucky (3-0)

I knew it. All that Arkansas-style love from literally doing nothing, and then you struggle mightily with the Mocs. I knew it. I love it.

(Last week #5: beat Chattanooga 28-23)

11. South Carolina (2-1)

Scoring 13 points at Georgia is the only reason I have the Gamecocks a little higher this week. It was semi-respectful. Maybe they aren’t Vandy level.

(Last week #13: lost at Georgia 40-13)

12. Missouri (2-1)

Missouri beat a directional school from their state. Congrats.

(Last week #11: beat Southeast Missouri State 59-28)

13. Tennessee (2-1)

Never in the history of the world has someone dropped in a ranking after beating a team by 56 points. But they have now.

(Last week #12: beat Tennessee Tech 56-0)

14. Vanderbilt (1-2)

Vandy lost the Nerd Bowl. They are looking a little better since losing to ETSU, but I don’t see them getting out of this spot anytime soon.

(Last week #14: lost to Stanford 41-23)

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