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Interesting Tidbits before the Final Four

Happy Friday. We’re just one day away from Auburn’s first ever Final Four appearance. In honor of this historic moment, all of our bits are Basketball bits. There are a lot of them, but how can you possibly work on the Friday before Auburn’s first Final Four appearance? You should take the day off, honestly.

– Auburn’s win against Kentucky (capping off beating the three winningest programs in CBB history) was likely the most significant in program history.

– Even with the impressive run, Auburn hasn’t gotten much love heading into the Final Four. Here are gambling details for Auburn/Virginia, as well as a look at the remaining field. If you want to really get in the underdog spirit, here are more “expert” picks.

– Speaking of heading to the Final Four, watch the players depart. Also, see the action from a more personal view on our Periscope.

– CBS made these for every team, but I like Auburn’s best. See why they win it all.

– See what Bruce Pearl said about Virginia and what Tony Bennett said about Auburn ahead of Saturday’s matchup.

– Playing style will be a big storyline throughout the game. What advantages does Auburn have, and where could Virginia gain an edge? At the end of the day, we’ve still got Jared.

– Auburn’s backcourt has continued to be an advantage, and Virginia players agree. Get sentimental with me and read this piece on Jared and Bryce.

– Not only is style important, but so is location – see how the Tigers are preparing.

– If you’re in the Auburn area or want to make a road trip, watch the game here.

– After Malik Dunbar’s incredible day this past Sunday, get to know more about the JUCO transfer who has helped make this run possible.

– If you think you’ve had a good week being a SEX Champion AND in the Final Four, imagine what the players are experiencing.

– Auburn recruits can feel the energy the program has now.

– A returning player is drawing inspiration from a former star.

– I don’t know what I really expected, but see which Auburn players made the AP All-America team (hint: you’ll be disappointed). How did the other Final Four teams fare?

– Remember the days when we’d already be obsessing over Football? They do too, and they love the fact that Auburn is a #EverythingSchool.

– Learn about a cool connection between the two head coaches.

– As I’m sure many of you avid Slate readers already know, Slate is all about Auburn making it to the championship game.

– Listen to Pawl’s caller – Tim from Cupertino.

– For reasons beyond me, people still hate Bruce. Here’s a decent timeline of why that could be. With haters, though, come defenders. I like them.

Chuma updates!

– Help me figure out what to think about Auburn’s newly filed trademark.

– Lastly, give me every single bit of this bammer trying to rationalize the phenomenon of Auburn Basketball.


Let me know if I missed anything in the comments below.

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