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Which NBA teams will be most active before the trade deadline?

It is that time of the NBA season when teams become either buyers or sellers. The buyers see a need for new players to improve their chances of making the Association’s playoffs and a run at the NBA Finals. The sellers are those teams ready to give up on all hope of making the postseason and are in need of getting contracts off their books. NBA fans are debating which teams will meet in the NBA Finals 2020. Basketball bettors can visit Betenemy for the latest offers, promos, and bet bonuses before wagering on the playoffs.

The NBA trade deadline is Thursday, February 6th and these teams are expected to be quite active before the end of the day.

Detroit Pistons –Sellers

The Detroit Pistons have no shot at making the NBA Finals although there is still a glimmer of hope for a postseason place. That glimmer is fading fast. The Pistons have a win percentage of .340 after 50 games and are expected to crash even further with the loss of forward Blake Griffin (overrated) to injury.

His injury and the team’s poor record means the Pistons will sell and miss out on the playoffs with a view to re-building. It may not be the worst idea but fans won’t like sitting through more awful basketball. Andre Drummond, Derrick Rose, and Markief Morris could all help a playoff contender. Then again, they couldn’t help the Piston to more wins than 17 after 50 games.

Miami Heat – Buyers

Don’t sleep on the Miami Heat. The team sits tied for third place in the Eastern Conference with the Boston Celtics. Just eight games separate Miami from the first-place Milwaukee Bucks. The Heat are in the mix and could improve significantly enough to challenge for the Eastern Conference title in the playoffs.

According to NBA GM insiders, the challenge Heat president Pat Riley has is convincing another team to trade away a star for an aging player with a high salary. Due to salary cap restrictions, Miami is not in a position to take on a sizeable contract this month.

New York Knicks – Sellers

How can the New York Knicks be this consistently bad? The Knicks are awful once more despite drafting one of the biggest college stars of last year in RJ Barrett. In an attempt to improve, however, the Knicks will sell anyone or anything that isn’t nailed down at Madison Square Garden. Although the exception is Barrett, who is going nowhere and is the player New York is building around.

The Knicks aging veterans will be ushered out of the exit as soon as possible. The sad and unfortunate part about the Knicks selling off their players, is the return will be low. For starters, the Knicks signed players few other teams wanted in the first place. Secondly, those unwanted NBA players have played pitifully, so no one wants them at the trade deadline. It is a cycle of awful basketball at the Garden and it starts at the top.

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