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The NBA Bubble

We’re quickly approaching the end of July, already halfway through – this means that the NBA will be just around the corner before getting underway. It was announced that for basketball to really get going again, some safeguards were needed and this was done by creating a bubble for the teams in Orlando – there had been concerns raised as Florida has become the US hotspot for the coronavirus, but as training is underway it seems things are going ahead with any problems.

With that being said, training for the teams who are in Orlando has not gotten underway but not without some challenges to overcome – one of the first issues to emerge had been that different players had been granted access to the onsite gyms at different times allowing for some to get their training underway a little earlier than others, whilst this may not be a make it or break it factor for many teams it could see some players being in a little better shape than others but may only be something minor. It has been mentioned however that periods of these training camps could hold great weight, and that ensuring every day is made as valuable as possible is important here as wasted days could cause some players to fall behind.

One thing that has also shown to be true during all of this is that players are eager to get going again, but coaches are a little apprehensive about going full beans again after such a long layoff – there have been suggestions that players could be at a greater risk of injury during this period of time as they return to full fitness, especially as games will be played at an increased frequency, and so the coaches are taking a little caution to ensure fitness and player safety is held at a higher regard than just getting back to play as soon as possible.

There’s also another challenge to overcome in the game planning phase as the games are starting to get a little closer – obviously players and coaches are unable to come together in a big way and so as the end of the month draws closer and games are looking to get going, it may be difficult to tell whether or not the teams have been able to prepare a real strategy going in to each with limited time to actually get together and plan.

There is some good news for punters however, despite recent regulation changes such as adjustments made to the Gamstop initiative aimed at reducing participation options for gamblers, a growing number of online casinos and betting sites here aren’t registered to initiatives like this and allow players to bet on these upcoming games as well as other major sporting events without restriction, so whether you’re looking forward to the end of July to bet on the NBA or any of the other big events coming at the same time, there are plenty of places for you to turn to during the pandemic.

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