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Anthony Schwartz, Adam Anderson Visit Auburn Before Fall Camp

Things are looking good for Auburn now that various top athletes have started eying them. And if one goes by the information coming out of those major sites that offer college football odds, Auburn might have landed some seriously talented recruits.

Top on the list of new commitments for Auburn is Adam Anderson. As the number two linebacker in the country, it was only natural for the athlete to attract the interest of so many schools. However, Adam put a few people off with just how unstable he seemed to be.

Even while assuring fans of his commitment to Georgia in the spring, something about Adam Anderson’s words and tone of voice suggested that he still hadn’t yet found a home. And these suspicions were proven true when the athlete broke ties with Georgia sometime after.

Adam got a few fans’ hopes up when he began to lean towards and even committed to LSU but it wasn’t long before he de-committed from them and for reasons only he will understand. Adam Anderson enthusiasts are hoping that his stint at Auburn will last a little longer.

Following Adam’s visit to Auburn on Sunday, Tim Horton had a few optimistic opinions to pass on about the young man’s future. As Adam’s area recruiter, Tim has a pretty strong relationship with the athlete, so he probably knows more than most what might be going on in Adam’s mind.

Tim has his heart set on Auburn, not only because of the conducive environment but also because they play a lot of freshmen. Tim believes that Adam would thrive at Auburn.

Adam’s recent visit to Auburn, his second so far, probably means little. He has been proven to be quite temperamental. And even though he de-committed from Georgia, most analysts wouldn’t be surprised if Anderson decided to turn back to the Bulldogs.

With Anthony Schwartz, things are a little less complicated. Though, Anthony has been all over the place, visiting Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee, and LSU. Anthony is still the fastest recruit around. He has plenty to offer any team he eventually decides to commit to.

Having visited four schools in just four days, it is a little difficult to determine where his favor will eventually fall. Not only was Auburn his last visit, though, but he is likely to be present during the team’s first fall camp practice. That says volumes about where he will eventually lean.

The coaching team gave Anthony a warm welcome when he showed up for the A-Day game. If there is one team that will be on his mind today and for the days to come, it will be Auburn.

Nothing will be happening for the next one month, not with the downtime that is mandated for the recruiting calendar until the 31st of August. This is good for Auburn because they can forget about recruiting new talent and instead focus their attention on their fall camp.

Recruits, on the other hand, can give their high school teams the attention they deserve. Of course, even with this downtime, people are going to keep buzzing and speculating about the way the recruitments will play out.

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