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Ranking the SEC after Week 7

We’ve almost reached the point in the season where we pretty much know where everybody is going to be. Sure, the top can change, but that’s it. That said, we still had a few moves this week. Oh, and YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.


1. Alabama (7-0)

What we expected to happen… happened.

Last week: #1, beat Arkansas 41-9

2. Georgia (7-0)

Whoa, you gave up 21 points in the first half to Missouri? It’s almost like your record might be propped up by a terrible schedule.

Last week: #3, beat Missouri 53-28

3. Auburn (5-2)

I will not let two or there purposely conservative quarters (that still should’ve been enough) take away from the domination that Auburn expressed the previous three weeks. They are still good.

Last week: #2, lost at LSU 27-23

4. Texas A&M (5-2)

I want to think Texas A&M is still sorta scary, but then they needed a field goal to beat Florida.

Last week: #4, beat Florida 19-17

5. Mississippi State (4-2)

You finally got a lesser team to come to your place? Good for you.

Last week: #5, beat BYU 35-10

6. LSU (5-2)

The LSU Tigers will lose a game to somebody like Ole Miss or Arkansas or Texas A&M and it will make sense. Last Saturday did not make sense.

Last week: #6, beat Auburn 27-23

7. Kentucky (5-1)

Again, Kentucky’s only loss is by 1 point to Florida when they forgot to cover a guy. But they’re on that Georgia scheduling plan.

Last week: #8, Bye Week

8. Florida (3-3)

The Gators have three losses.

Last week: #7, lost to Texas A&M 19-17

9. South Carolina (5-2)

The Gamecocks won a terrible game. Both sides were terrible. It was terrible.

Last week: #9, beat Tennessee 15-9

10. Ole Miss (3-3)

I somehow missed this score. 57 points in the SEC is impressive. They will probably beat LSU this week.

Last week: #11, beat Vanderbilt 57-35

11. Vanderbilt (3-4)

Just when you think Vandy might be okay, they get thumped by Ole Miss.

Last week: #10, lost at Ole Miss 57-35

12. Arkansas (2-4)

The Razorbacks have beaten Florida A&M and New Mexico State. That’s it.

Last week: #12, lost at Alabama 41-9

13. Tennessee (3-3)

Sometimes we like to think things are bad. They are infinitely better than Tennessee’s bad things.

Last week: #13, lost to South Carolina 15-9

14. Missouri (1-5)

I mean, 28 points at Georgia is impressive, but yeah, not enough. You’ve won one game, bruh.

Last week: #14, lost at Georgia 53-28

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