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Ranking the SEC after Week 10

The SEC East is a mess. The SEC West is the best. Despite knowing that for a fact, there were still some pretty crazy happenings last week. We’ve got movement, not much movement, but movement… oh, and YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.


1. Alabama (9-0)

The Tide are the lone undefeated team in the SEC at this point. That’s why they are here.

(Last week: #1, beat LSU 10-0)

2. Auburn (7-2)

When healthy, the Tigers are easily in the top 2 teams of the SEC. I’ve said it for weeks, and now you all have to believe it. When not healthy, they are still able to win games the universe tries to steal from them.

(Last week: #2, beat Vanderbilt 23-16)

3. LSU (5-3)

From here on out, I don’t know. LSU’s offense isn’t special, and the defense is good. We’ve known that for a while, but I don’t know any other teams better than them besides the two above.

(Last week: #4, lost to Alabama 10-0)

4. Arkansas (6-3)

The Razorbacks lost by 53 points just a few weeks ago, and yes, they are in the top 4 of the conference. That shows the divide we have here.

(Last week: #6, beat Florida 31-10)

5. Texas A&M (7-2)

Despite their hot start, and beating the Auburn team that doesn’t exist anymore, we’ve known the Aggies weren’t as good as they looked. Now that Trevor Knight is out the rest of the season, this may be the highest they are ranked from here on out.

(Last week: #3, lost to Mississippi State 35-28)

6. Ole Miss (4-5)

The Rebels struggled with Georgia Southern and just lost Chad Kelly for the season as well. Ditto to what I just said about the Aggies.

(Last week: #7, beat Georgia Southern 37-27)

7. Florida (6-2)

The supposed best team in the SEC East was beaten by a middle of the road West team by 21 points. That’s all we need to know.

(Last week: #5, lost to Arkansas 31-10)

8. Tennessee (6-3)

Oh look, they won a game.

(Last week: #9, beat Tennessee Tech 55-0)

9. Georgia (5-4)

The Dawgs have needed last minute field goals to beat Kentucky and Missouri, and they should’ve lost to Nichols. They’re lucky the SEC East has worse teams.

(Last week: #10, beat Kentucky 27-24)

10. Kentucky (5-4)

Somehow the Wildcats are still in the race for the East. Technically, every team but Missouri is still in the race for the East, but Kentucky probably has a shot if Florida loses their last two SEC games.

(Last week: #8, lost to Georgia 27-24)

11. Mississippi State (4-5)

I know you beat Texas A&M, and I know you’re probably better than you look, but it was just your day, and I’m not moving you up yet. Besides, you lost to Kentucky too recently. The statute of limitations is not up yet.

(Last week: #11, beat Texas A&M 35-28)

12. Vanderbilt (4-5)

I’d put the Commodores up a little higher as well, but they’re still living on that one SEC win… against Georgia. When they aren’t playing good teams at 11am, they’re just Vandy.

(Last week: #12, lost to Auburn 23-16)

13. South Carolina (5-4)

Look at those Gamecocks hanging in there. It’s amazing what putting a boy from Opelika back there will do.

(Last week: #13, beat Missouri 31-21)

14. Missouri (2-7)

Just leave…

(Last week: #14, lost to South Carolina 31-21)

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