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Auburn’s 2017 Football Schedule Released

We have reached the point of the current football season where ESPN/SEC Network likes to throw our brains into a feeling of mass hysteria. I’m worried about this week’s game and the remaining 5/6ths of the season, and they are already telling us what we have to worry about next year.

Of course, we already knew who and where Auburn will be playing, but now we know the order.


Here are the few things that stand out to me:

  1. I’m thankful that the trip to Clemson doesn’t start the season, but Georgia Southern is no slouch. It will be a nice starter opponent to get things going.
  2. The trip to Missouri will be Auburn’s first ever.
  3. Auburn doesn’t play a home SEC game until their fifth game (Mississippi State).
  4. The Tigers will play one home game in the month of October (Ole Miss), my favorite month.
  5. There are three straight away games in October, with a bye week thrown in there. Arkansas and Texas A&M are back to-back and are the third-longest and longest trips Auburn can take in the SEC. That’s after taking the 2nd longest trip to Missouri earlier in the season.
  6. LA-Monroe is nice a little breather before Alabama. What’s that you say? They beat Alabama once? I never…

Other than the awful October, it’s a fine schedule. It doesn’t seem any more difficult than a typical odd year slate. Now back to 2016…

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