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As Kickoff Approaches, Auburns Offense Becomes Fascinating

Kam Martin and Malik Miller are Auburns freshmen. The two lads are competing for playing as running back in the fall camp. As Miller came out of the Madison Academy in Alabama, he seemed to be more known. In January, Miller verbally committed to Auburn and he was among one of the nine enrollees. During the spring period where Miller suffered an injury during his A-day, he decided to use the disappointing start as a motivation. You can find college football national championship odds online and compare them.

In comparison, Malik has shown a lot of improvement from spring to fall, said Auburn’s coach. Gus Malzahn also added that Malik was leaner and faster and he enjoys the physical game. Like his former academy teammate Kerryon Johnson who used to play in the same position, Miller could become a steady contributor to the team. Johnson Kerryson was in a similar position as Miller and he would spend a lot of time in the training camp repping with the offense of the second team.

Martin of Tigers backfield might be the intriguing fresh talent if the Auburn coaches looking for a spark in the Backfield. This summer was when Martin fell into Auburns hands after he was allowed out. That is when he made contact with Auburn staff and made a connection. The connection grew much stronger during the 2016 recruiting cycle. It was also aided by the firing of Art Briles; Baylor’s coach.

Martin, who is a running back, is an effective offensive weapon. He has a total of 3,500+ yards and a total of 44 touchdowns, this coupled with his sub 4.4 speed have made him highly coveted. Although his late arrival to the team puts him behind his fellow freshmen, he is trying to make up for the lost time.

In a statement made by Auburn’s coach Gus Malzahn, Martin is a tough guy who stands out from the rest. The coach added that Martin is confident and has the courage. It is encouraging to see how he has stepped up and put his face in the field.

Tim Horton; Auburns running backs coach further praised Martin by adding that he is quick, has amazing acceleration and is endowed with ball skills. According to Horton, Martin will contribute a lot in the team and will have an important role. Even if he is not ready to impact the game within a week, the coaches will have to be patient with him. He is a special player who directs the play and can earn him some spots a few weeks into the season.

Chandler Cox said that he has a lot of potential. As I saw him practice, I was awed by his speed. Having lost Roc who was their speed guy, Martin is the perfect replacement. He is one for the future and there is full of potential.

Statistic of The Day

In the last five years, 16 true freshmen running backs have crossed the 1,000 yard. Five of them came out of the ESC. They include; T.J. Yeldon (Alabama), Nick Chubb (Georgia), Toddy Gurley (Georgia), Alex Collins (Arkansas) and Leonard Fournette (LSU).

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