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Jason Smith Becomes Defensive Back, Ready to Serve Wherever

Jason Smith’s time at Auburn has been a little hectic, and he has admitted that he would prefer it if the next couple of months and years were a little more stable. Looking at sites that offer college football odds will tell you that opinions on Jason are somewhat split. 

Jason Smith made his name as a quarterback playing football for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Sufficing to say, he hoped to retain his position on the plains and was a little disconcerted when he became a wide receiver.

Then again, he seemed to adapt to the change pretty quickly, having caught seventeen passes in two seasons. 

Those that spoke to Jason following Auburn’s first day in full pads could see the stress he was under. And Jason admitted that things were hectic. There had been some improvements made but that was after Jason had spent entire nights in his room either weeping or praying or both.

The times are taking a toll on Jason. He has been fortunate to have his parents who have prayed for him throughout his trying times. Any football player you speak to will tell you that confidence matters on the field. Doubt is a dangerous opponent, one that footballers in college and in the NFL are constantly working to overcome.

It has taken everything Jason has to remain positive and in control every time he has gone out to play. For now, Jason is reporting good things. He met head Coach Gus Malzahn and they spoke about his future.

The other coaching staff had been agitating for a change on the part of Jason for a while. And that change came shortly before Auburn’ fall camp began. Jason took the alteration in stride, accepting the move to defense with optimism. The athlete looks like he’s happy to serve wherever the team needs him, especially if he gets on special teams 

Not many athletes would appreciate hunting receivers after a career spent catching footballs. Jason wasn’t so arrogant as to dismiss the challenge ahead of him. He admitted that it would take him a while to grow accustomed to being on the move for so long, even after the play is snapped. 

But the change will help him grow as a player in the long run. And one gets the sense that Jason Smith is simply happy to be playing football at the moment. The Tigers are a tight unit and Jason knows he has all the support he could possibly want.

His roommate Stephen Roberts is a peach, and Jason knows he can always count on Tray Mathews when push comes to shove. And that isn’t taking into account the bonds he has nurtured with the likes of Carlton Davis, Daniel Tomas, and Nick Ruffin.

There is no better team to be with when you are struggling to find your place. Even the coaching team has stepped up and helped Jason find his footing The dynamics of the team are a little different from what Jason knows. 

Jason is always surrounded by fiery coaches that emphasize physicality above all else. But he knows his colleagues have his back, so his recent optimism makes all the sense in the world. 

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