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Ranking the SEC after Week 6

I can honestly say that I have no idea where any team (besides maybe South Carolina and Vanderbilt) should be ranked anymore. Sometimes conferences beat themselves in cyclical ways, but this year is just ridiculous. YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.


1. LSU (5-0)

When you look at LSU’s schedule, you’ll see they beat middle-of-the-road Mississippi State by 2 and Auburn in one of their worst performances of the year. After that, it’s a bunch of creampuffs and they didn’t even dominate in those. They do have the best player, so that’s putting them in the top spot for now.

(Last Week: #2, beat South Carolina 45-24)

2. Alabama (5-1)

The Tide let 2-win Arkansas hang around for three quarters. Their offense is nothing special at all. They have the record, but their win over Georgia doesn’t look nearly as impressive as it did last week.

(Last week: #1, beat Arkansas 27-14)

3. Texas A&M (5-0)

Once again, I have no idea how good the Aggies are. They seem good, but that Arkansas win in overtime keeps me wary. We’ll find out next week when Alabama comes to town.

(Last week: #3, Bye)

4. Florida (6-0)

This ranking is probably about to get lower by the week with the suspension of the Gators’ starting quarterback Will Grier. They won’t just completely implode, but this dream season with Will Muschamp’s players will end soon.

(Last week: #4, beat Missouri 21-3)

5. Ole Miss (5-1)

The Rebels were blown out by Florida, who then only beat Missouri by 17. What does it all mean? Is Ole Miss’s win over Alabama telling or not as big as before? This season is weird, man. Starting here, I really have no idea the rest of the way.

(Last Week: #6, beat New Mexico State 52-3)

6. Mississippi State (4-2)

The Bulldogs beat Troy. Congrats.

(Last week: #7, beat Troy 45-17)

7. Georgia (4-2)

Georgia wasn’t all that before Nick Chubb’s injury, but now they definitely won’t be all that or a bag of a chips with him out the entire season. You lose to a team that lost to Arkansas the week before and you probably deserve to be lower, but we’ll wait and see.

(Last Week: #5, lost to Tennessee 38-31)

8. Auburn (3-2)

The Tigers didn’t lose. They didn’t win, either, but they didn’t lose. So they’ll stay here, in their lowest spot for the rest of year, for now.

(Last Week #8, Bye)

9. Missouri (4-2)

Missouri somewhat looks like they might not back their way into the SEC Championship Game this year, but you never know. Florida is at the top for now, but that’s going to end soon. Dang it, they’re going to do it again, aren’t they?

(Last week: #9, lost to Florida 21-3)

10. Tennessee (3-3)

The Volunteers did have an impressive win, but they also have some bad losses. The one win over a Chubb-less Georgia at home isn’t enough to get them up the ladder just yet.

(Last week: #12, beat Georgia 38-31)

11. Arkansas (2-4)

Bret Bielema is an embarrassment to the SEC and the coaching profession. He had his chance to beat Alabama, but I’m actually glad he didn’t. Be glad the SEC has a Kentucky, South Carolina, and Vanderbilt this year, Bert.

(Last week: #11, lost to Alabama 27-14)

12. Kentucky (4-1)

This has nothing to do with the fact that I’m talking myself into an Auburn win on Thursday, but just looking at the Wildcats “impressive” four wins on the season, you’ve got Lousiana-Lafayette, Missouri, South Carolina, and Eastern Kentucky in overtime. I’m not going to rank them highly because of those wins. In fact, the overtime win over Eastern Carolina is why they are this low.

(Last week: #10, Bye)

13. South Carolina (2-4)

The Gamecocks lost a home game in Baton Rouge. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t promising. It was so bad that Steve Spurrier decided to retire. I don’t think the Gamecocks will rise above #13 all season.

(Last week: #13, lost to LSU 45-24)

14. Vanderbilt (2-3)

The Commodores didn’t lose, or win, or anything. Or maybe they did. I don’t know.

(Last week: #14, Bye)

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