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The Auburn-LSU Rivalry According to YouTube

Auburn and LSU have had some crazy games, man. Fires, whistles, earthquakes, gingivitis, and a few unexplainable rashes. A few years back I put together a video history of the craziest, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, first-pumping wins and losses from the rivalry. Now that YouTube lets you create playlists and embed them, I’ve let them do all the work.

To start off, we’ll go with seven games that probably made you question life and if voodoo is the answer. Actually, I’m sure it’s been the answer to most of these.

Now that you feel like all hope is lost, here are eight games that will give you back your faith in humanity. While Auburn’s losses have been weird, the wins seem to be a lot more satisfying.

Which playlist will get a new video after this Saturday? I vote for the latter.

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