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Gameday Tweets: Bye Week

WarBlogle_twitterDoes it make me old or lazy or both that I thoroughly enjoyed being able to wake up a little later, roll over into my recliner, and watch other teams stress about winning? I’ll admit that at some point I somewhat wished that Auburn was playing, but the afternoon/night slate and was full of “underdogs” giving the favorites all they wanted, so maybe it was a good day to be off. There’s also that whole Wifi thing that always helps with the tweet game. Follow me.

  • Gameday is either going to Alabama at Ole Miss or LSU at Auburn. Given they’re at North Dakota State today, I’m betting they go to Ole Miss.
  • SEC Nation is currently playing a Southern rock cover of POD’s “Boom” over highlights. You do NOT mess with perfection!
  • Va. Tech is gonna have a really good season and make that win over Ohio St. not such a big deal. Oh, Pat Dye’s ECU is taking it to ’em? Nm.
  • They only get them in historically bad years when Vandy is historically good. WE @CrittendenAU: Why can’t Auburn play Vandy this year?
  • Is James Franklin the worst thing to happen to Vandy? Yeah, probably.
  • Dude, that’s so choice. WE @FearlessandTrue: Small town sees its offensive production mysteriously vanish. The Loefftovers.
  • Gus Malzahn currently on the set of CBS Inside College Football, following their new intro featuring Florida-Georgia Line.
  • Currently pulling for a MAC team and a Big 12 team.
  • WOW! Alabama fans, you have GOT to see what just happened in this Georgia-South Carolina game! I can’t believe it! Flip it to CBS NOW!!
  • South Carolina’s Sandstorm thing is enough for me to want Auburn to get rid of Zombie Nation. That and it covers up the Warrrrr Eagle thing.
  • Georgia’s defense for Heisman.
  • Auburn-fan @Homer4AU is at the Michigan game today and said that they now fly a bald eagle before games in the Big House… No.
  • Todd Gurley for head-butt Heisman.
  • I keep flipping to the Alabama game and every single part of it makes me sleepy. It’s the most boring, mediocre football I’ve seen.
  • I think that was a bad spot in the wrong direction. He had it by half a yard. Georgia still wins the Heisman, though.
  • A second?! Oh… wrong guy. WE @thejuiceisgood: Mark Richt just needs time.
  • I’d say sports media sports media’d. WE @Radium23: @WarBlogle so would you say that Georgia Georgia’d?
  • Do we gripe more about teams playing cupcakes because every game is on tv now, and before we never saw it so we didn’t care?
  • Exclusive photo of the Georgia sideline when the spot went South Carolina’s way earlier tonight.
  • Kentucky just made back-to-back field goals in the Swamp. Only the 2nd counted. I’ve seen something like that before.
  • Kentucky isn’t supposed to be good this year. They aren’t on Auburn’s schedule.
  • Gonna be really hard to hype next week’s Alabama-Florida game as a preview of the SEC Championship, because you know they were ready to.
  • Auburn has a 24 point win over a team that has 21 point win over a decent Big 12 team on the road. Best transitive win so far this season.
  • BYU beat Texas by 34 last week. Preseason national title contender and playoff lock UCLA beat Texas by 3 this week. Love preseason hype.
  • Still 2-0 and all is right. War Damn Eagle and goodnight!

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