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2013-2014 Bowl Predictions – Week 3

A strong 8-3 record over the 2nd half of the 2nd week of bowls has me back in the green, and as long as I don’t go 0-fer during this final week, I will stay there. There was one game I didn’t mind missing last week, though. Can you tell me which one?

Bowls: 21-14 (60.0%)
Regular Season: 145-33 (81.4%)
Overall: 166-47 (77.9%), ATS at 70-70 (50.0%)


Cotton Bowl (6:30 p.m. FOX)
Oklahoma State vs. Missouri – This one’s gonna be fun. Defense optional, amirite? An old Big 12 barn-burner. Anyway. Oklahoma State was probably one bad game against West Virginia from being in the national championship game until they lost to Oklahoma in the final game of the regular season. Oklahoma, just ruining dreams all over the place, right?

Missouri is good, but this one is going to be a shootout. I’ll just side with the SEC.

Missouri 45, Oklahoma State 42

Missouri 41, Oklahoma State 31 SUCCESS!

Orange Bowl (7:30 p.m. ESPN)
Clemson vs. Ohio State – Clemson is responsible for the term “Clemsoning” in regards to sitting a game or two out mentally and getting blown out to ruin their 15th overhyped season in a row. However, Ohio State is the king of “Clemsoning.” They were “Clemsoning” before Clemson even really started “Clemsoning.”

So finally we’ll be able to know who the true “Clemsoners” truly are. I’ll go with the original. Clemson won’t Clemson this time.

Clemson 38, Ohio State 23

Clemson 40, Ohio State 35 SUCCESS!


BBVA Compass Bowl (12 p.m. ESPN)
Vanderbilt vs. Houston – What can you say about Vanderbilt? They have become a force to be reckoned with, haven’t they? I mean, the BBVA Compass Bowl. Whew, slow down Franklin. We’d like to keep the championships in the West please. This one will be close, but Vandy will win.

Vanderbilt 27, Houston 21

Vanderbilt 41, Houston 24 SUCCESS!


GoDaddy Bowl (8 p.m. ESPN)
Arkansas State vs. Ball State – What are the odds that Gus’s old team and Gus’s current team would be playing the last two games of the year. Weird. I haven’t paid much attention to the Red Wolves since Auburn beat them 38-9, but I know they always show up in the GoDaddy Bowl. I also know that Ball State is usually prone to lay an egg in games on a national stage.

Arkansas State 27, Ball State 17

Arkansas State 23, Ball State 20 SUCCESS!


BCS Championship Game (7:30 p.m. ESPN)
Auburn vs. Florida State – I’ll give my prediction in my game preview, but I went ahead and ran this one though the EA Sports NCAA Football 14 simulator. Keep in mind, Auburn had zero respect in the video game when it was released in July 2013, and Florida State was ranked in their top 15. By my calculations, that’s about a 21 point swing, right? EA is on crack. Computers are dumb.

EA: Florida State 48, Auburn 21
WB: Auburn 45, Florida State 35

Florida State 34, Auburn 31FAILURE

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Yo 01/03/2014 at 4:35 pm

You know Ok state also got beat by that pesky Oklahoma squad that just waxed the tide? That would make it 2 losses for the OK state cowboys


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