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2013 War Blogle Pick ’em Week 11 Results

The eleventh week of college football is over. What? 11? Wasn’t I just annoyingly counting down the days to kickoff on Twitter? Oh well, it’s almost over, you guys, but we’re still giving out prizes.

With 8 of 12 (66.7%) correct picks against the spread, emacattack has taken Week 11 of the War Blogle Pick ‘em at Now that you know he is good at a few picking football games, you should follow him to help with future picks. You can also follow my predictions each Thursday. I stood strong (not against the spread) last week, but also stayed around the sub .500 mark against the spread.

week11So go ahead and get your picks in for this week (details on how to join), or wait around and see what I and EA NCAA Football 14 say on Thursday.

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