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Week 8 Predictions: An All-SEC Saturday

Almost every game on the slate this week has a chance to be entertaining, or at least shake things up a little more. I don’t think we’ll have anything like last week, but it has the chance to blow up some more preseason polls. All SEC teams that are playing are playing in-conference this week, so that’s good.

Right now my predictions are hitting at a 87.1% click. Pretty solid, I’d say. I also didn’t miss a single game against the spread last week. That’s probably because my picks didn’t go through. If you would like to prove your worth with your picks and try to do better than my 48.5% overall accuracy, you can do so here.

Last Week: 11-2 (84.6%), ATS at 0-0 (0.0%)
EA NCAA 14: 9-4 (69.2%)

This Week: 5-7 (41.7%), ATS at 5-7 (41.7%)
EA NCAA 14: 7-5 (58.3%)

Overall: 86-19 (81.9%), ATS at 38-42 (47.5%)
EA NCAA 14: 76-29 (72.4%)


South Carolina (-7.5) at Tennessee – The Vols are coming off a bye week following their near-win over Georgia. South Carolina is coming off a blowout of Arkansas. I think the Gamecocks might have things rolling, and without Georgia now a little down, they have the East crown in their sights. They will win badly. EA Sports is on crack…

EA: Tennessee 38, South Carolina 34 – SUCCESS!
WB: South Carolina 41, Tennessee 14 – FAILURE

Tennessee 23, South Carolina 21

Georgia (-7.5) at Vanderbilt – Georgia isn’t playing with a full deck. Vanderbilt is what Vanderbilt usually is. Awww, but we were so excited about them winning 7 games!! Shucks. Even with half a team, Georgia should have no problem.

EA: Georgia 37, Vanderbilt 10 – FAILURE
WB: Georgia 34, Vanderbilt 14 – FAILURE

Vanderbilt 31, Georgia 27

Florida (-3) at Missouri – Both of these teams are overrated. What has Florida done this year besides lose against decent teams and beat bad teams? Missouri has some clout after beating Georgia semi-handily last week, but that will likely go away with the loss of their quarterback for the season. I think the Florida defense is good enough to hold Missouri’s 2nd-string quarterback to few enough points for the Gators to win, though.

EA: Florida 27, Missouri 20 – FAILURE
WB: Florida 23, Missouri 13 – FAILURE

Missouri 36, Florida 17

LSU (-8) at Ole Miss – The Rebels almost knocked off LSU last year. They almost knocked off Johnny Football last week. They have racked up a few key injuries, but they’ll make this one interesting. I’d take the Rebels against the spread, but LSU will pull it out.

EA: LSU 31, Ole Miss 6 – FAILURE
WB: LSU 34, Ole Miss 28 – FAILURE

Ole Miss 27, LSU 24

Arkansas at Alabama (-28) – Hopefully Arkansas has started their downward spiral of the season. Last week, they were obliterated on Homecoming, but a few weeks ago scored 33 on Texas A&M. Maybe that’s the writing on the wall for Auburn this week. Alabama will self-struggle early like always, but put the beatdown on Bielema in a slow, methodical, let’s just not get anybody hurt with fast offenses, battle.

EA: Alabama 30, Arkansas 0 – SUCCESS!
WB: Alabama 34, Arkansas 7 – SUCCESS!

Alabama 52, Arkansas 0

Auburn at Texas A&M (-12.5) – Check my game preview tomorrow for thoughts on this game, but EA Sports is calling the upset. Nick Marshall only had 60 yards passing, but rushed for 100+ yards alongside Cameron Artis-Payne’s 130 yards. I’d take that.

EA: Auburn 27, Texas A&M 24 – SUCCESS!
WB: Auburn 38, Texas A&M 31 – SUCCESS!

Auburn 45, Texas A&M 41

And now for the national games to fill out the pick ’em slate…

TCU at Oklahoma State (-7.5) – TCU is not the pre-BCS conference TCU. What that means is that it’s easy to look good if you play one good game a year, and much harder to look good when you play a decent schedule most of the year. Oklahoma State isn’t has high-powered as recent teams, but should have no problem scoring points on the Frogs.

EA:  Oklahoma State 34, TCU 21 – SUCCESS!
WB: Oklahoma State 35, TCU 17 – SUCCESS!

Oklahoma State 24, TCU 10

Iowa at Ohio State (-17) – I bet Ohio State fans laughed at Auburn in 2004. I bet I’ll be laughing at Ohio State if they win every game on their measly schedule and get left out.

EA: Ohio State 35, Iowa 23 – SUCCESS!
WB: Ohio State 41, Iowa 13 – SUCCESS!

Ohio State 34, Iowa 24

UCLA at Stanford (-5.5) – I called Utah’s upset of Stanford last week, and while UCLA is certainly capable of beating the Cardinal, they won’t. Wait, nevermind, yes they will. Stanford goes down again.

EA: Stanford 31, UCLA 10 – SUCCESS!
WB: UCLA 34, Stanford 24 – FAILURE

Stanford 24, UCLA 10

Washington at Arizona State (-3) – I’m kinda over this PAC-12 love. Oregon is about the only one deserving of the praise. Everybody else is just an attempt to give the SEC some competition. The Huskies are one of those and Arizona State is definitely one of those. So who’s gonna win this one? Who cares? It’s the PAC-12.

EA: Washington 29, Arizona State 17 – FAILURE
WB: Washington 31, Arizona State 28 – FAILURE

Arizona State 53, Washington 24

USC at Notre Dame (-3) – Remember when this was a big game? Remember when Reggie Bush cheated to beat Notre Dame (in more ways than one)? Remember when… oh whatever. USC has a little mojo since the firing of Kiffin. Notre Dame does not.

EA: Notre Dame 20, USC 7 – SUCCESS!
WB: USC 23, Notre Dame 17 – FAILURE

Notre Dame 14, USC 10

Florida State (-3) at Clemson – Is this the ACC’s biggest game in decades? Yes. Will it matter at the end of the season? Probably not. Both teams struggled against Boston College. Both have good quarterbacks. Both play in the ACC. Both will be left out of anything big at the end of the season. Dabo goes down.

EA: Clemson 42, Florida State 28 – FAILURE
WB: Florida State 34, Clemson 24 – SUCCESS!

Florida State 51, Clemson 14

Now use all of the knowledge you just gained and go make your picks. If you’re not taken directly to the group after you login/register, just go to the groups link and search ‘warblogle.’ Remember, each week is separate. If you missed last week, no excuses.

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