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Tell Me the Stories of Your Auburn Dads Once More

auburndadWell it’s Father’s Day week, and considering that I am a father of two (@BabyBlogle, @BabyBlogle2), why not a week? Right?

For the last two years (2011 | 2012 – part 1, part 2), I’ve done a wildly popular and uber-successful post that included your work, your stories of your Auburn dads. It’s pretty easy for me. I just copy and paste. Either way, it’s been great to read about the cool things your Auburn dads have done for you. Now, if you’re new to this. Here’s your chance to show the world, no, the universe what your Auburn dad means to you.

All you have to do is fill out this form with the subject “My Auburn Dad” and write a few sentences or a few novels about your Auburn dad. Then come back later this week and read it on the ‘Blogle. Actually, why not just let this be a present to him? Spoiler alert: he doesn’t need a new tie.

If you want to include pictures – and I want you to – just email them to me. Be sure to include your name so I put the picture with your story.

The Auburn Family is a family, but it starts with a family that is Auburn. Does that make sense? Can someone stitch that into something? Ok, have fun, and let’s hear it for your Auburn dads.

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