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Gameday Tweets – Iron Bowl

WiFi is the Blogler’s best friend on gameday, and this being the first game I haven’t attended in person in over a month, it was good to have an easy time tweeting for the whole day. It was fun being hopeful for the first part of the day, but once I realized things were going to be as we all realistically assumed, I just had fun being stupid. Me being stupid? Never.



  • Here we go… #BEATBAMA. #wareagle
  • Oh it’s flag football…
  • Didn’t realize Auburn football was playing Kentucky basketball today.
  • Hey Herbie, we crossed the 50. #auburn #ironbowl
  • I’ll start getting worried when it’s worse than 24-0. #auburn #ironbowl
  • Dang, were one stop from 24-0. I guess there will be a new comeback record today. #auburn #ironbowl
  • If Auburn throws the ball under 40 yards the rest of the game then maybe it’s time for Chizik’s job to be evaluated.
  • UNCLE BLOGLE!!! WE @ascottpvb: @WarBlogle you cant come back from 42 unless you get behind by 42…WDE
  • We’ve resorted to family pictures at the Blogle compound. #auburn
  • FUMBLE! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • We got this guys…. ALABAMA’S PUNTING!!!!
  • Win of the day? The Lutzie has been mentioned on CBS multiple times today. I coined the name. Original, I know.
  • 2nd win of the day? Saban getting mad at Auburn getting another play, giving Mason 1,000 yards on the season. #wareagle
  • If you want all of college football to burn with us, you’ll pull for Georgia and USC the rest of the way.
  • At the moment, @BabyBlogle is serenading us with “All I Do is Win” and “All the Above” and it feels just as good. #auburn
  • Very telling… WE @BabyBlogle: Thoughts on today…
  • Time to move on. The pirate, Mike Leach, and Washington State visit Jordan-Hare in 280 days. #auburn #wareagle

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